TribeHouse Corner Collaboration

Original post found at the TribeHouse Collective website This is a virtual collaborative recording project open to anyone. The idea is to have (you) record your instrumentation of “Down on the Corner” to Youtube where we will then create a video including everyone’s contributions (dust off your webcams, cowbells, & tubas)… Click here to find out more about how to get involved.  Read More

Norm Strauss hits the studio with a 12 track mind

oook contributor Nico Boesten, who is also part of the TribeHouse Artist Collective, lets us know a bit more what Tribehouse is up to. We happened to be at the right place at the right time… equipped with a little camera to capture the very first moments of Norm Strauss recording his next album. I’m not sure what # this is, but it’s somewhere around 15 and most dogs don’t even live to be 15 so just think about that for a second. Here’s a... Read More

Art Leaks Blideo #5 – recycled garbage supports 3rd world

“You can make a great home and a great life for yourself on nothing”. This is one of the pieces of verbal gold being dropped in this Tribe House Art Leaks with Henry and Angie van Manen. Henry (Holland) & Angie (New Zealand) are world-travellers currently living in Germany with the Tribe House community but came to Kelowna in June, 2011 to do some teaching with a few different groups of women in recovery. Angie talks about her co-op of how... Read More

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