Kelowna Actors Studio Interview with Sister Amnesia

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Viva Musica Founders Help to Bring the Theatrical to Kelowna This Summer

By Jennifer Smith – Kelowna Capital News Viva Musica board of directors president Peter Kascak (front) and founding artistic director Neal Facey (back) may enjoy sitting on these seats from the old Stanley Theatre in Vancouver, but they’re taking a far less cushy route this summer by taking musical theatre back outdoors. Walking by the Rotary Centre for the Arts, one hardly notices the distinct curve to its veranda. But when the rails... Read More

WRITINGS FROM THE WALL – rhean murray –the power of the letter

We are words. It is what separates us from all other livings things on the planet. Without words we would not be what we are.  Much of what we are exists through the meaning and exchange of words. It is the heartbeat of communication and has the power to control and condemn or unleash and inspire. To take that idea a step further, if the meaning and use of words have power then so does the structure of a written language itself. The use of last names... Read More

Penticton Secondary Theatre takes on puppets

Delbert the Dragon (puppeted by Ravel Perez) engages in a sword battle with Prince Robin (Austin Paquette) in the dead forest. One evening, a long time ago, a princess went out to take a walk by herself in the woods… In the case of the Penticton Secondary School’s version of The Frog Prince, “a long time ago” can be switched for coming soon. After months of work and preparation, Pen-Hi Arts Media Entertainment is putting the final touches... Read More

Notice anything unusual in downtown Kelowna?

When the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan bumps into something new or innovative in the arts we just can’t wait to spread the word. Recently oook contributor Nicole Ensing caught up with Kevin Jesuino and the independent theatre company Interventionist Laboratories on Bernard Avenue in Downtown Kelowna.  Kevin is a performance/theatre artist living in Kelowna. Originally nurtured by the thriving theatre community of Edmonton, Alberta, Kevin... Read More

Many Hats Theatre Company opens“Here on the Flight Path” on July 7

Many Hats Theatre Company is based in Penticton and has a new production opening July 7th. oook did a little digging to find out more. oook: How did the Many Hats Theatre company come to be? MH: Many Hats Theatre Company (MHTC) is a cooperative venture started in late 2007 by 20 of the Okanagan’s most talented and passionate theatre aficionados who were interested in producing Professional Quality theatre for local audiences. We strive... Read More

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