Interview with artist, educator, artisan Rena Warren – part 2

Back in December oook contributor Joanne Gervais had a conversation with artist, educator and artisan Rena Warren. Their conversation covered so much ground we decided we should run the full interview. So if you missed part one, here it is. Now, PART 2! Joanne Gervais: When did you start making art work? Rena Warren: My mother said I’ve been drawing since I was big enough to hold a pencil. My grade 10 art teacher Mr. Lloyd gave me the senior... Read More

Rena Warren – artist, educator, artisan, extraordinaire!

Imagine doing exactly what you love and sharing that with others. Now throw in some world travel, some philanthropic action, community involvement and raising a daughter.┬áIt’s all possible! Just ask local artist Rena Warren! I recently had a chance to talk with Rena Warren, a Kelowna based artist, about her work, her inspirations, and her dedication to the arts. Anyone who knows Rena is aware of her various roles as an art educator, an art... Read More