Have some thoughts about Public Art? The City of Kelowna Wants to Hear Them.

The City of Kelowna is currently running a survey to get public feedback on their public art program.   So if  you really care about what kind of public art comes to Kelowna, express your opinion. FILL OUT THE SURVEY!   http://www.kelowna.ca/CM/Page3632.aspx        Read More

writings from the wall – taltal levi – the red fox story teller

Story telling is a way for cultures to share and pass on traditions to each other; it binds people through a common verbal history. Story telling is also a way for different cultures to experience each other. Visual storytelling, like illustration, can bridge gaps where either the lack of a shared language exists or where language fails to communicate. The delicate, precise and mystical work of Golo Art Project artist Taltal Levi does just that; her... Read More

Writings on the Wall – Rene Rodriguez – Nourishing Communities

All people are artists. Your medium may not be paint but we are creative creatures and when we do not have the space, time or materials to be creative we become destructive. Without creativity all things die; it is an aspect of life that a lot of the world tries  to tell us is not important but every time I come back to the canvas and paint I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. While it is always a great feeling when a piece of my art sells,... Read More

“ART ROCKS in the CITY” – A Live Stone Sculpture Community Art Event in Kelowna

“ART ROCKS in the CITY” – A Live Stone Sculpture Community Art Event is an outdoor sculpture event taking place in the coming summer months in the heart of the Kelowna Cultural District. Twelve Members of the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society will work on 14 large marble boulders that are set up along the south-west corner of the Rotary Centre of the Arts. KSNS invites the public to come and see the kind of work that goes into making beautiful... Read More

Ever wondered how Kelowna got that new bear sculpture on the waterfront?

Kelowna has acquired quite a number of pieces of public art over the years. From the infinity symbol in front of the Kelowna branch of the Okanagan Regional Library to Byron Johnson’s piece in the heart of the South Pandosy commercial district to the newer addition of the blue bear on Kelowna’s waterfront. To get some insider info, oook contributor Stephanie Moore, interviewed  Amanda Parks, the current Chair of the City of Kelowna’s... Read More