The Stage’s A Drag – Okangan Pride Week

By: Kristin Burns    Dean probably didn’t expect to be coerced into organizing a drag competition at his friend’s birthday party, but life is just full of surprises. Dean Krawchuk and his friend’s mom, Treasure Johnson, were chatting about Okanagan Pride Week at the party: “and then she found out I’m a theatre student.” Dean’s been performing since he was 5, starting out in Ukrainian dance, and moving into theatre. After getting... Read More

RIOT on the Roof – An Evening of Alternative ART

It’s finally August, which means one of two things: you’re prepping your BBQ’s and dingy boats for long weekends under 30 degree weather or you’re trying not to think about the approach of fall, the looming dark cloud of despair that clings to your warm, summer skin like a stubborn sucking leech. Or, if you’re anything like the Vernon Public Art Gallery, you’re vibrating with excitement, like you’re permanently attached to an IV of espresso,... Read More

Catching Up with Live Artist, Dancer, Choreographer Tanja Woloshen

by Brit Bachmann Tanja Woloshen is a live artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher from Winnipeg, currently based in the Okanagan. She is a UBCO MFA candidate, and Room for the Underdog marks the end of her degree. Although this weekend’s performance encompasses many themes, it is primarily an exploration of queer and gender studies. Tanja, being one of the most manically difficult women to pin down, agreed to an email interview: BB: It is impossible... Read More

Artists, Musicians, and Vintner Gather to Celebrate Spring and Delight the Senses

Artists, Musicians, and Vintner Gather to Celebrate Spring and Delight the Senses Summerhill Pyramid Winery’s Fertility Festival Set to Entertain   Suggested Tweet:  Countdown to @summerhillwine Fertility Fest w/ organic food, drinks, gardening, music, theatre & art In Short: The countdown is on! In honour of spring and the growth it brings, Summerhill Pyramid Winery and the Conduit Collective presents... Read More

A Shane Koyczan & the Short Story Long Performance

If you haven’t seen Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long in person, here’s the next best thing. Click the title if the video isn’t working here.  Read More

Shannon Lester & a Lady Named Sasha – A Performance Art Practice

by Shauna Oddleifson I took some time this past month  to hang out with Shannon Lester in his studio in the Platypus House at UBC-Okanagan where Shannon is pursuing his MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies. After spending six years in Japan teaching English, and having very little space for creating art, Shannon decided to make his way back to Canada. During his last two years in Osaka, Japan, Shannon and Michael Judd, a fellow expat, were feeling a... Read More

Artist in Residence Guy Cools collaborates with UBC faculty and students

by Paul Marck Artist in Residence Guy Cools collaborates with UBC faculty and students Dance dramaturge Guy Cools is the 2012 Artist in Residence for UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. The stage is set at UBC’s Okanagan campus for the creative and critical works of Belgian dance dramaturge Guy Cools. Cools, the 2012 Artist in Residence for the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS), brings a wealth of international experience... Read More

Penticton Secondary Theatre takes on puppets

Delbert the Dragon (puppeted by Ravel Perez) engages in a sword battle with Prince Robin (Austin Paquette) in the dead forest. One evening, a long time ago, a princess went out to take a walk by herself in the woods… In the case of the Penticton Secondary School’s version of The Frog Prince, “a long time ago” can be switched for coming soon. After months of work and preparation, Pen-Hi Arts Media Entertainment is putting the final touches... Read More