Ross Muirhead Exhibition Opens at Penticton Art Gallery

By Kristi Patton – Penticton Western News Artist Ross Muirhead looks over The Shores of his works during set up at the Penticton Art Gallery Wednesday. His exhibition opens today at the gallery starting at 7 p.m. and the artist talk takes place on Saturday at 2 p.m. Mark Brett/Western News Ross Muirhead wants you to rethink the definition of art.   His Photo-Video series showing at the Penticton Art gallery until Sept. 9 integrates... Read More

Art by the Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School at the Penticton Art Gallery

By Steve Waldner – Penticton Western News Students from the Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School will be sharing their artwork with the area in an exhibition at the Penticton Art Gallery opening on Friday.   While the school is a stones-throw away from Penticton, there are greater divisions between the reserve and the city than just the Parkway Channel, said Paul Crawford, curator and director of the Penticton Art Gallery.   “I would... Read More

Rhonda Neufeld and Rodney Konopaki – New Exhibition

Here’s a peak at the work of Rhonda Neufled and Rodney Konopaki, who recently showed their work at the Vernon Public Art Gallery. If you missed the show, then you’re in luck, as a different show of their work “Chance Operations” is currently up at the Penticton Art Gallery. For most traditional visual artists, the process of making art is a solitary affair. So, it is intriguing to see what happens when one artist suggests... Read More

Internationally Renowned Canadian First Nations Artist Daphne Odjig at the Penticton Art Gallery

by Katie Brennan On March 23rd, the Penticton Art Gallery opened a new exhibition of work by internationally renowned Canadian First Nations Artist and Okanagan resident, Daphne Odjig. I had a chance to catch up with Penticton Art Gallery Curator Paul Crawford to learn more about the show. Here’s our conversation. KB: What is important for gallery visitor’s to know about Daphne and her work going in?  (certain themes, motifs to look... Read More

Writings from the Wall. Penticton Art Gallery – First Fridays

While local and world events indicate that our government, in conjunction with corporations,  are moving further away from the minds of the people, individuals and communities and are persistently moving towards sustainability, diversity, and collaborations that create new systems and organizational structures that push against the fabric of that larger spread. As those threads are unraveled the existing fabric cannot hold the weight of its own construction.... Read More

Caroline Anders at the Penticton Art Gallery

By Steve Kidd – Penticton Western News While Caroline Anders doesn’t say much about the thought processes that go into her work, her work does show promise for an emerging artist. Though the paintings on display as part of her exhibition, Chelmsford, lack the maturity of a master impressionist like Jack Shadbolt, the vague, soft shapes combined with vibrant colours, used with childlike simplicity, are evocative of trying to recapture old... Read More

Writings from the Wall – Reasha Wolfe – Public Space

What is all the fighting about? The fighting is about space. How there is not enough space or that some have too much space. How to organize space: the value of shared spaces versus private spaces. How we move in that space: settled, nomadic, or migratory. How the ownership over space defines the cost of that space. For many of us space is a hot commodity, meaning most of us can`t afford it. So as artists we use kitchens, bedrooms and dining room... Read More

SHOP LOCAL THIS HOLIDAY- the oook gift guide 2.0 (we found a few more)

oook is a big supporter of our local artists and artisans. So with the Christmas season officially on the horizon, we thought that we would help you find where all to get great LOCALLY made gifts and art made by Okanagan Artists.  We’ve learned about a few more spots for great locally made artistic gifts, so here’s the updated listed.   North – Vernon & Area   Okanagan Artisans – Show & Sale – Nov... Read More

Kindrie Grove Showcase of Student work at the Penticton Art Gallery

Sandra Purvis traces a line in one of her paintings on display at the Penticton Art Gallery, part of an exhibition of student works. While the act of creation may be the most important to an artist, being able to show that same creativity to others can somtimes be as important. Thanks to the Penticton Art Gallery, many beginning artists have had a chance to show their work in a professional gallery, from the annual shows of works by students... Read More

writings from the wall – yako de arburn- a parallel artality

It is always interesting when life comes full circle.  I first painted with Yako de Arburn in his studio in Cawston, BC back in 2000.  When one paints in the same room with another painter, one inevitably picks up techniques in colour, style and theme without necessarily talking about it. In the years that followed I would again be part of a larger painting group with Yako, so to now share a gallery space and wall with him at the Golo Art Project ... Read More

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