Interview with Artist Dylan Ranney

I have the privilege of sitting down with Dylan at Starbucks and talk about his art, life and what he’s up up. Here is our conversation. oook: What got you started in art. Dylan: As a kid my mom encouraged me to be creative and my older brother Lucas is an accomplished ameteur painter. I remember looking at his art and being inspired by it. Later on, being in highschool, taking my first art class in my grad year, never persuing art outside... Read More

Caroline Anders at the Penticton Art Gallery

By Steve Kidd – Penticton Western News While Caroline Anders doesn’t say much about the thought processes that go into her work, her work does show promise for an emerging artist. Though the paintings on display as part of her exhibition, Chelmsford, lack the maturity of a master impressionist like Jack Shadbolt, the vague, soft shapes combined with vibrant colours, used with childlike simplicity, are evocative of trying to recapture old... Read More