Wylie: In digital age, why have an art gallery?

By Liz Wylie – Kelowna Capital News In this age of instantly available information of all kinds, there have been huge strides made in the proliferation of images of works of art on the Internet. Most recently among these is Google’s high-profile Art Project, on which we can see high-resolution images of masterpieces from some of the world’s great art museums—the Hermitage, Versailles, London’s National Gallery, the Met in New York,... Read More

Curator Liz Wylie’s Take on Jim Kalnin’s Work at the Kelowna Airport

Jim Kalnin, Pulse, 16-feet-long mixed media on paper, installed at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s exhibition space at the Kelowna International Airport departures area. In the complex and intriguing mural he has created for the Kelowna Art Gallery’s satellite space at the airport, titled Pulse, Oyama-based artist Jim Kalnin has addressed notions about which he feels deep concern. Since retiring from teaching art at UBCO in 2009, Kalnin has had more... Read More