A Profile on Briar Craig at YLW

On your way out of the Kelowna Airport and onto popular summer destinations, as you’re just about to enter security there is an excellent art opportunity. In partnership with the Kelowna International Airport, the Kelowna Art Gallery has a satellite gallery available for viewing 24/7, or rather, whenever YLW is open. Right now there is a show of this year’s winner of the Okanagan Arts Award for Visual Arts, Briar Craig. Here’s a... Read More

Kelowna: The art of acquisition, as seen by a Vancouver curator

By Jennifer Smith – Kelowna Capital News This Larry Fink photo, titled Ring Girls, was taken in Madison Square Garden, NY in May of 1996. It is a silver gelatin print from Fink’s Boxing Portfolio and among the 2000 photos in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s collection. It was acquired by anonymous gift. There is a Pablo Picasso cartoon-style sketch in the Kelowna Art Gallery.   How it got there, or rather how a gallery like the... Read More

MORE about the Kelowna Art Gallery’s GO PARTY

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Briar Craig on the Okanagan Print Triennial

There are few more days before the Okanagan Print Triennial (OPT) closes at the Kelowna Art Gallery on June 17th. I had a chance to chat with one of the OPT instigators, artist and UBCO prof Briar Craig, to learn more about how the show came to be, what to expect in the show, and what’s happening in printmaking right now. Here’s our chat:   KB: So what can people expect to see this year? And what are you particularly tickled by?   BC:... Read More

Controversial film coming to Kelowna on May 31

Controversial film coming to Kelowna on May 31 Here’s a group discussion that arose from a screening of this same film at Concordia. The Kelowna Art Gallery and The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at UBC will present a film screening of Professor Norman Cornett: Since When Do We Divorce the Right Answer from an Honest Answer? The documentary, by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, will show May 31 at 6:30 p.m. at the art... Read More

Wylie: In digital age, why have an art gallery?

By Liz Wylie – Kelowna Capital News In this age of instantly available information of all kinds, there have been huge strides made in the proliferation of images of works of art on the Internet. Most recently among these is Google’s high-profile Art Project, on which we can see high-resolution images of masterpieces from some of the world’s great art museums—the Hermitage, Versailles, London’s National Gallery, the Met in New York,... Read More

Draw the Line: Jennifer Smith’s Adventures in Art Continue!

By Jennifer Smith – Kelowna Capital News Your cheesegrater is art. So is that cake form you never use and the cutlery in your drawers. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, one of the main things I’ve learned from my art class is that it doesn’t take much to add a spark of creativity to your life. This is an important lesson when the economy is in rough shape and your bank account is bleeding from the slash and burn sales at... Read More

Steve Higgins exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery

  Steve Higgins: All Things Considered Thoughts about Cities and History, War and Peace November 5 to December 31, 2011 Halifax-based artist Steve Higgins works in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Examples of his work in all these media will be included in this nationally touring show when it comes to Kelowna. His areas of concern centre on architecture and the built environment. The work is restrained, refined and highly elegant. It is... Read More

Rose Braun’s current exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Winfield-based artist Rose Braun, picks up her water glass in a back room of the Kelowna Art Gallery and her own small ink loop, discretely placed in the crook of her index finger, flashes in view, a moment of artistic rebellion swirling past with a hint of Winehouse ingenuity. Braun raises the tear to her face and mimes rubbing her eye. “It’s for my brother,” she explains impishly before whipping her hand back down to rest on the table. A... Read More

Jim Kalnin’s new work up at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s YLW satellite space

  Jim Kalnin is an artist based who lives in Oyama. He’s shown all over the valley – the Vernon Art Gallery, Penticton Art Gallery, Headbones Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery. He also devotes a lot of his time to the Lake Country Art Gallery, where he was the curator up until this past September. His most recent curatorial effort was the Diversity in Drawing show, co-curated with Vernon artist Destanne Norris, which featured nine... Read More

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