Smash Tour at the Hub Arts Collective

by  Graeme Higginson I was recently called out to a show I wouldn’t usually attend: an event called Smash Tour, a line up of four supposedly-distinct hardcore alternative groups called And Goliath, Send Word, Between Seas and Cleanse Kill. I arrived early and was left to wait outdoors, and with good reason; four groups with baggage and merchandise tables don’t leave much room for extra bodies in the lobby when all of theirs are assembled. Standing... Read More

Brent Tyler – A Musical Force

by Graeme Higginson   On Friday,  I left The Hub happy and into the slow sway of cool, evening air. The event had been Brent Tyler, a musical force with enough warm tenacity to shake a few local apples out of the tree. For those that dropped by, I’m sure they stepped out into the soft breeze that was cutting across downtown Vernon with the same warm feelings that pulsed through me as made my way home. The show began casually at 8:00pm... Read More