WRITINGS FROM THE WALL – rhean murray –the power of the letter

We are words. It is what separates us from all other livings things on the planet. Without words we would not be what we are.  Much of what we are exists through the meaning and exchange of words. It is the heartbeat of communication and has the power to control and condemn or unleash and inspire. To take that idea a step further, if the meaning and use of words have power then so does the structure of a written language itself. The use of last names... Read More

Writings from the Wall – Reasha Wolfe – Public Space

What is all the fighting about? The fighting is about space. How there is not enough space or that some have too much space. How to organize space: the value of shared spaces versus private spaces. How we move in that space: settled, nomadic, or migratory. How the ownership over space defines the cost of that space. For many of us space is a hot commodity, meaning most of us can`t afford it. So as artists we use kitchens, bedrooms and dining room... Read More

Writings from the Wall – Endrene Shepherd – Coming Home

My transition back to Penticton after living in Vernon for two years has been an interesting one. It is not the same city that I left. Penticton can be a challenging place to live; overwhelmed with tourists, athletes and those in search of the best wine in the summer time to long over-cast winters where those who can leave, do reducing the population significantly. Tourism can have damaging effects on the core of communities; so much emphasis on one... Read More

writings from the wall – joan louis – international communities

People are by-passing traditional media forms to connect directly with people who share the same interests, passions and values, regardless of where they are from; isolated communities can communicate directly with other isolated communities. Yet the movement of people is still restricted by immigration policy and a passport and visa system that is so outdated that information and materials can now travel easier than people regardless of their cross-border... Read More

writings from the wall – taltal levi – the red fox story teller

Story telling is a way for cultures to share and pass on traditions to each other; it binds people through a common verbal history. Story telling is also a way for different cultures to experience each other. Visual storytelling, like illustration, can bridge gaps where either the lack of a shared language exists or where language fails to communicate. The delicate, precise and mystical work of Golo Art Project artist Taltal Levi does just that; her... Read More

Writings on the Wall – Rene Rodriguez – Nourishing Communities

All people are artists. Your medium may not be paint but we are creative creatures and when we do not have the space, time or materials to be creative we become destructive. Without creativity all things die; it is an aspect of life that a lot of the world tries  to tell us is not important but every time I come back to the canvas and paint I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. While it is always a great feeling when a piece of my art sells,... Read More

writings from the wall-Gabrielle Villecourt-Cooperative Marketing

  The Golo Art Project has been partnering with a number of local businesses to help promote each other and share resources. When we work in this manner, namely partnerships,  we build community. It is hard not to think about the events that are happening around us, like  the Occupy efforts happening around the globe in particular. Considering the present social/economic climate, the Golo Art Project is happening at a very interesting time.... Read More

writings from the wall – yako de arburn- a parallel artality

It is always interesting when life comes full circle.  I first painted with Yako de Arburn in his studio in Cawston, BC back in 2000.  When one paints in the same room with another painter, one inevitably picks up techniques in colour, style and theme without necessarily talking about it. In the years that followed I would again be part of a larger painting group with Yako, so to now share a gallery space and wall with him at the Golo Art Project ... Read More

writings from the wall – the beginnings of golo

For Farron Lhasa  Golo started as an idea; a verb perhaps: to Golo, to do, to happen. So Farron did; she phoned the landlord of 419 Main St, Penticton the moment she saw a for-rent sign in the window.  Very quickly enough artists gathered together and Golo was born. Things started to happen; a person left a typewriter for her to use which we still use today to make our price tags and business cards; a desk was donated, a ladder, and a curtain for... Read More

writings from the wall – from inside the golo art project

We live in a world that informs us what we want, what we talk, what we dip, dive and crave. We reflect back. We push, crack and cave. We crawl, we run. Some swallow and hide. There is no formula here. We are running on empty just the way we have always done it; we are running on gut, on grit. We’ve stopped waiting for the search & rescue. We seek possibility. We seek building blocks. We seek inspiration because inspiration is the fire alarm... Read More