“Photographing Lake Country” A new exhibition in the FINA gallery at UBCO

The Lake Country Art Gallery is proud to present  “Photographing Lake Country” a new exhibition resulting from The Lake Country Art Gallery’s first ever summer camp! The Lake Country Art Gallery’s summer camp consisted of young residents of Lake Country ranging from seven to thirteen years old. The kids were set loose in the community in a series of facilitated photo-field trips in and around Lake Country. These field trips allowed the... Read More

“Photographing Lake Country” PHOTO CAMP

The Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to be offering a very special summer camp for youth this July called: “Photographing Lake Country”. The week-long camp is open for youth between the ages of 8 and 14 and commences July 9th. Camp hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Participants will receive instruction on the basics of photography and other associated mediums, in between different field trips to explore diverse sections of the... Read More

Artists Amy Modahl & Julia Prudhomme – It was the Apple Juice that Brought them Here

by Kristin Burns During these few short weeks between semesters, many Master of Fine Arts students at The University of British Columbia – Okanagan are still hard at work in their studios – it seems like a never-ending semester. I was able to catch up with two amazing classmates of mine – Julia Prudhomme and Amy Modahl – to discuss their May shows in the FINA gallery on campus. After a tour of Prudhomme’s aptly named show “tippy-toe tippy-toe... Read More

Drawing Show at UBCO Fina Gallery – last day tomorrow

Right now in the FINA Gallery up at UBCO is a Drawing Show that takes drawing to extremes: drawing with paper, on paper. Drawing on the walls, creating drawings in space. You’ve got until 4pm tomorrow to check out the show! Where is the FINA Gallery? Go to the Fine Arts Building – in the rectangle. Go the main floor foyer and it’s right there.  Read More

UBCO MFA Graduate Student EXHIBITION – NOV 14 – 18

FINA GALLERY Exhibition – details here  Read More

Did you know that there is a Gallery up at UBCO?

FINA Gallery –  Male Perspectives oook contributor Heather Leier checked out the show currently on at the UBCO FINA gallery. Unless you are a Fine Arts student at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus or maybe someone who frequents the Fine Arts and Health building, you may not know that there is actually an art gallery on campus. During the winter and spring semesters the “FINA Gallery”, as it is called, has weekly exhibitions... Read More