Something Old, Something New – Vintage Weddings with a Modern Twist

You can almost feel it – the spring air is laced with the scent of freshly bloomed buds, the first hint of warm summer days glint off your skin, and giddy expressions fill the faces of people on downtown sidewalks as they finally emerge from their winter hiding places – yes, this is what Bambi in all his deer wisdom knew, the season of “twitterpation” is here. While some are just falling in love with the gorgeous Okanagan spring weather,... Read More

Lamplight Campfires & Dirty Dust Drawings : Preview of Twenty Twelve (Part 1)

Fourth years, Lacia Vogel, Marissa Brown and Avery De Rousie around a makeshift campfire, and a snapshot of Avery's studio For many people in the community, the only excuse to visit the Fine Arts & Health Building at UBCO occurs annually at the Graduation Exhibition. Although the Grad Show is a crème de la crème exhibition of UBCO’s finest, its white washed walls and buffed floors are a little misleading;  the pristine condition of... Read More

Internationally Renowned Canadian First Nations Artist Daphne Odjig at the Penticton Art Gallery

by Katie Brennan On March 23rd, the Penticton Art Gallery opened a new exhibition of work by internationally renowned Canadian First Nations Artist and Okanagan resident, Daphne Odjig. I had a chance to catch up with Penticton Art Gallery Curator Paul Crawford to learn more about the show. Here’s our conversation. KB: What is important for gallery visitor’s to know about Daphne and her work going in?  (certain themes, motifs to look... Read More

Steve Higgins exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery

  Steve Higgins: All Things Considered Thoughts about Cities and History, War and Peace November 5 to December 31, 2011 Halifax-based artist Steve Higgins works in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Examples of his work in all these media will be included in this nationally touring show when it comes to Kelowna. His areas of concern centre on architecture and the built environment. The work is restrained, refined and highly elegant. It is... Read More

Rose Braun’s current exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Winfield-based artist Rose Braun, picks up her water glass in a back room of the Kelowna Art Gallery and her own small ink loop, discretely placed in the crook of her index finger, flashes in view, a moment of artistic rebellion swirling past with a hint of Winehouse ingenuity. Braun raises the tear to her face and mimes rubbing her eye. “It’s for my brother,” she explains impishly before whipping her hand back down to rest on the table. A... Read More

writings from the wall – joan louis – international communities

People are by-passing traditional media forms to connect directly with people who share the same interests, passions and values, regardless of where they are from; isolated communities can communicate directly with other isolated communities. Yet the movement of people is still restricted by immigration policy and a passport and visa system that is so outdated that information and materials can now travel easier than people regardless of their cross-border... Read More

Fern Helfand’s About Looking ~ A Photo Essay

Recently our newest contributor Hanss Lujan, took some great photos of at the opening of Fern Helfand’s show called “About Looking” at the Vernon Public Art Gallery. We  present them here to you as a photo essay, to give you a glimpse of just what a terrific show this is. All the images are of various museum installations in Canada, China and Paris, France that recreate the outdoors and their animal inhabitants within a... Read More

Did you know that there is a Gallery up at UBCO?

FINA Gallery –  Male Perspectives oook contributor Heather Leier checked out the show currently on at the UBCO FINA gallery. Unless you are a Fine Arts student at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus or maybe someone who frequents the Fine Arts and Health building, you may not know that there is actually an art gallery on campus. During the winter and spring semesters the “FINA Gallery”, as it is called, has weekly exhibitions... Read More

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