Lamplight Campfires & Dirty Dust Drawings : Preview of Twenty Twelve (Part 1)

Fourth years, Lacia Vogel, Marissa Brown and Avery De Rousie around a makeshift campfire, and a snapshot of Avery's studio For many people in the community, the only excuse to visit the Fine Arts & Health Building at UBCO occurs annually at the Graduation Exhibition. Although the Grad Show is a crème de la crème exhibition of UBCO’s finest, its white washed walls and buffed floors are a little misleading;  the pristine condition of... Read More

Drawing Show at UBCO Fina Gallery – last day tomorrow

Right now in the FINA Gallery up at UBCO is a Drawing Show that takes drawing to extremes: drawing with paper, on paper. Drawing on the walls, creating drawings in space. You’ve got until 4pm tomorrow to check out the show! Where is the FINA Gallery? Go to the Fine Arts Building – in the rectangle. Go the main floor foyer and it’s right there.  Read More


Currently at the Vernon Public Art Gallery is the work of UBCO Fine Arts Grad Stephen Lee Scott in an exhibition titled “Beauty and Other Forms of Violence”. I had a chance to speak with Stephen at the opening of the show in early January. Hanss Lujan was also on hand to snap some photos. Stephen’s work is on view until March 22nd. KB: Your previous seemed that it was more about fine pen work, whereas here you’re delving into... Read More