Writings from the Wall – Elite After 6 – Cultivating a Live Music Audience

The Elite Restaurant has been kickin’ it at 340 Main St. Penticton since 1927. Brent Madsen and his mom Freda have held ground for the last ten years. A couple of years ago the creation of a Vinyl Night initiated Elite After 6 into an evening venue from Tues-Sat, 6pm-11pm. Since the spring of 2011, under the guidance of Buffy Marie MacIntosh, Elite After 6 has developed into an evening venue that utilizes the latest in social media and technology,... Read More

Artist in Residence Guy Cools collaborates with UBC faculty and students

by Paul Marck Artist in Residence Guy Cools collaborates with UBC faculty and students Dance dramaturge Guy Cools is the 2012 Artist in Residence for UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. The stage is set at UBC’s Okanagan campus for the creative and critical works of Belgian dance dramaturge Guy Cools. Cools, the 2012 Artist in Residence for the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS), brings a wealth of international experience... Read More

Writings from the Wall – Peach City Community Radio Society– Radio 101

I recently watched a TEDX video by Clay Shirky on institution vs. collaboration. In his talk he discusses how groups get things done and how new technologies such as ‘tagging’ used by websites such as Flicker are giving way to less structured group participation and therefore less costs associated with coordinating group efforts traditionally under an institution. Clay states, “When you build cooperation into the infrastructure, you can leave... Read More

Writings from the Wall. Penticton Art Gallery – First Fridays

While local and world events indicate that our government, in conjunction with corporations,  are moving further away from the minds of the people, individuals and communities and are persistently moving towards sustainability, diversity, and collaborations that create new systems and organizational structures that push against the fabric of that larger spread. As those threads are unraveled the existing fabric cannot hold the weight of its own construction.... Read More


A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Kevin McPherson Eckhoff and Jake Kennedy, two of the valley’s most enigmatic writers. Our conversation – which was frequently interrupted by show-and-tell poetry books, YouTube videos and Sunset Rubdown – took place in Jake’s office at OC, a space with as much personality and fragrance as the men, themselves.  JK: Are you judging my shoes? Yes, sorry. They’re really distracting KME:... Read More

oook collaboration session – TONIGHT! All are welcome!

Hello oook-ians! Well it’s been 99 days since we first launched oook.ca on June 30th 2011. So far to date, we’ve created 99 posts and listed over 500 events and it feels like we’re just getting started! Your response and support of the site have been tremendous – thanks! We really appreciate it. To help us to figure out where else we can take and expand oook.ca so that we can best serve our oook-ians and the arts and culture... Read More

TribeHouse Corner Collaboration

Original post found at the TribeHouse Collective website This is a virtual collaborative recording project open to anyone. The idea is to have (you) record your instrumentation of “Down on the Corner” to Youtube where we will then create a video including everyone’s contributions (dust off your webcams, cowbells, & tubas)… Click here to find out more about how to get involved.  Read More