Catching Up with Live Artist, Dancer, Choreographer Tanja Woloshen

by Brit Bachmann Tanja Woloshen is a live artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher from Winnipeg, currently based in the Okanagan. She is a UBCO MFA candidate, and Room for the Underdog marks the end of her degree. Although this weekend’s performance encompasses many themes, it is primarily an exploration of queer and gender studies. Tanja, being one of the most manically difficult women to pin down, agreed to an email interview: BB: It is impossible... Read More

A jailbird set free: an interview with Corie Waugh

  Corie Waugh is by no means an average art student; she is a big city lioness trapped in a small town. She is charismatic, sarcastic, unpredictable and delightfully provocative. In September, she will be entering her final year at UBCO. For now, however, Corie is based out of Habitat, a venue in downtown Kelowna. Awarding Corie the first ever Jail Bird Artist Residency at Habitat was one of the most rewarding experiences of my young curatorial... Read More


A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Kevin McPherson Eckhoff and Jake Kennedy, two of the valley’s most enigmatic writers. Our conversation – which was frequently interrupted by show-and-tell poetry books, YouTube videos and Sunset Rubdown – took place in Jake’s office at OC, a space with as much personality and fragrance as the men, themselves.  JK: Are you judging my shoes? Yes, sorry. They’re really distracting KME:... Read More

A Fabulous Find : an interview with Rio Branner, founder of Fabulous Finds Artisans and Collectors show

Photo by Jaclyn Herzog Last week, Brit Bachmann sat down with local artisan, Rio Branner to discuss community, cultural exchange, and the power of artist initiative.   oook: Tell me about the origin of Fabulous Finds. RB: I was an artisan doing shows in Vancouver and Victoria. When I moved to the Okanagan, shows were limited. A lot of the people I knew on the Coast were crafters and artisans, but there wasn’t the same community here. There... Read More