A Profile on Briar Craig at YLW

On your way out of the Kelowna Airport and onto popular summer destinations, as you’re just about to enter security there is an excellent art opportunity. In partnership with the Kelowna International Airport, the Kelowna Art Gallery has a satellite gallery available for viewing 24/7, or rather, whenever YLW is open. Right now there is a show of this year’s winner of the Okanagan Arts Award for Visual Arts, Briar Craig. Here’s a... Read More

Briar Craig on the Okanagan Print Triennial

There are few more days before the Okanagan Print Triennial (OPT) closes at the Kelowna Art Gallery on June 17th. I had a chance to chat with one of the OPT instigators, artist and UBCO prof Briar Craig, to learn more about how the show came to be, what to expect in the show, and what’s happening in printmaking right now. Here’s our chat:   KB: So what can people expect to see this year? And what are you particularly tickled by?   BC:... Read More

Okanagan Arts Awards – AND THE WINNERS ARE:

For those of you who missed the Okanagan Arts Awards Saturday night in Kelowna, you missed a fabulous evening. This was the first time I had attended the gala awards evening and I was thoroughly impressed! I practically didn’t even need to tune into the Oscars (I still did anyway), the production was that good. The evening was hosted by the poised pairing of Q103.1‘s Troy Scott and Cheryl Gillespie – who were both decked out to the... Read More