Fabulous Finds: Sarah Jane

by Shaun Oddleifson oook presents: Profile 4 of 4 of  Fabulous Finds Artisan Vendors  #3: Sarah Jane After graduating from the Materials Arts program at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in 2006, Sarah Jane and her fiancé wanted a change of scenery, and decided to head west to Kelowna. While in school, Sarah Jane took part in numerous shows and sales around Toronto showcasing her textile and sculptural based work. Recently her focus... Read More

Fabulous Finds: Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante

by Katie Brennan oook presents: Profile 3 of 4 of  Fabulous Finds Artisan Vendors  #3: Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante is one of those artists whole lives and breathes her craft, where her life and her art are completely intertwined. When I sat down to talk to her about her first time presenting work for Fabulous Finds, it was hard to not talk about her other projects as well. Originally from Argentina, Carolina has... Read More

Fabulous Finds: Leigh Mulroy

oook presents: Profile 2 of 4 of  Fabulous Finds Artisan Vendors  #2: Leigh Mulroy Leigh Mulroy, like many others, has returned home to the Okanagan, well in this case Salmon Arm, after a number of years gallivanting in the Vancouver environs, pursuing work in restaurant management. Coming home, Leigh found himself gravitating to the wood shop and tools he inherited from his father and brother. Spurred on by a huge distaste for waste, he began... Read More

Fabulous Finds: Amy Burkard

oook presents: Profile 1 of 4 of  Fabulous Finds Artisan Vendors  #1: Amy Burkard   by Shauna Oddleifson Amy Burkard moved to Kelowna from Vancouver in 2009. She has been very active in the arts community creating a variety of things with materials ranging from crafty items to works of art. She describes herself as an experimental artist, working with a variety of materials including felt and clay. Amy’s felted works range from wet felted... Read More

A Fabulous Find : an interview with Rio Branner, founder of Fabulous Finds Artisans and Collectors show

Photo by Jaclyn Herzog Last week, Brit Bachmann sat down with local artisan, Rio Branner to discuss community, cultural exchange, and the power of artist initiative.   oook: Tell me about the origin of Fabulous Finds. RB: I was an artisan doing shows in Vancouver and Victoria. When I moved to the Okanagan, shows were limited. A lot of the people I knew on the Coast were crafters and artisans, but there wasn’t the same community here. There... Read More