Todd Ramsay’s Honkbarn – his own brand of animation

by Katie Brennan I met Todd Ramsay during Bottega and Tribehouse’s 10-10-10, where we were both speaking about our crafts – Todd animation and me painting. I was intrigued by his work, so took some time to sit down and have a chat with him to learn more. Here’s our chat. oook: What got you into animation? And where / how did you learn your craft?   Todd Ramsay: Art was always my favorite subject throughout school and I pretty... Read More

TEN TEN TEN – Bruce & Brian Wiebe – spoken word

One of the 10 artists who performed at the TribeHouse TEN-TEN-TEN event at Bo.ttega Farm Inn, Kelowna, BC on May 24, 2012. Twin brother duo Bruce & Brian Wiebe. Bruce Wiebe on the mic with spoken word, Brian Wiebe on the Ney Flute.  Read More

Interview with Artist Dylan Ranney

I have the privilege of sitting down with Dylan at Starbucks and talk about his art, life and what he’s up up. Here is our conversation. oook: What got you started in art. Dylan: As a kid my mom encouraged me to be creative and my older brother Lucas is an accomplished ameteur painter. I remember looking at his art and being inspired by it. Later on, being in highschool, taking my first art class in my grad year, never persuing art outside... Read More

10 Artists, 10 Minutes Each, $10 – You Won’t Get This Anywhere Else

by Graham Ord 10 10 10 is essentially and evening with Ten Artists from various disciplines performing for Ten minutes each and it costs Ten bucks to see the show…. It is part of a series of three events that the lead up to our annual Music and Arts Festival called Lille Gard held over the July long weekend.   The idea for 10 10 10 came together after an artist retreat that TribeHouse hosted last fall where the various artists attending performed... Read More