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10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road
Lake Country


To accompany our current exhibition, Starting Point, guest curators Wanda Lock and Shauna Oddleifson have organized a FREE FILM SCREENING on Sunday July 10th at 2:00pm. Please join us at Creekside Theatre, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road in Lake Country for this free event that will feature works by Mark A. Lewis, Mike McKinlay, and Shannon Lester.


We will be screening the Mark A. Lewis feature film,” ILL FATED”, “The Art Consumers” by drag performance duo, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as well as “Fallen Gardens” by Mike McKinlay. Additionally there will be a short live performance by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang co-founder Sasha Zamolodchikova (Lester) and new recruit Miss Ella!


ILL FATED “plunges the viewer into the boxed in world of Jimmy, a small-town teen who seeks a better life but who sees dead-end signs at every turn out of town.” It has been viewed internationally on the film festival circuit and Lewis has won many awards for his accomplishments in his field.


Mike McKinlay specializes in documentary film and has a particular interest in the natural world. His short film, “Fallen Gardens: a Portrait of a Deer Problem,” explores a community that is faced with an overwhelming amount of destruction to their properties by deer.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a drag performance art duo formed in the fall of 2009 in Osaka, Japan by Michael Judd and Shannon Lester. Shannon and Michael explore the darker side of the human psyche via their drag personas Sasha Zamolodchikova (Shannon) and Belgium Solanas (Michael). Sasha and Belgium are cannibal witch, serial killer glamazons who travel the world causing lots of trouble everywhere they go. In their new film, The Art Consumers, filmed on location in New York City, the Kiss Kiss gals pose as illustrious European art collectors in order to fool a young American couple into becoming their next victims.


This event is intended for an adult audience.


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