The Trade Brigade

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Date(s) - 26 Sep 2015
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sncewips Heritage Museum


Evidence of people trading various items of worth for goods and services can be traced back 150,000 years through human history. Trade in the Okanagan between First Nation peoples was well established thousands of years ago but it wasn’t until the 1530s, with the Fur Brigade, that trade occurred with Europeans. This was a central part of the early history of contact between Europeans and First Nation Peoples. Building on the positive relationships that have been formed in the Okanagan, the Museums on the Westside invite you to join the Trade Brigade.


Drop by the Sncewips Heritage Museum, have a look around (admission is free) and when you are ready to head to your next Westside Culture Days stop, purchase a voucher for your choice of various local products including Honey, 2 different flavours of Jellies or a History of Westbank Calendar which can be redeemed at the historic Westbank Museum.


If you find yourself first at the historic Westbank Museum, before you leave purchase a voucher for a 1lb can of Okanagan Nation Alliance Wild Okanagan Sockeye Salmon from Osoyoos Lake that can be redeemed when you visit the Sncewips Heritage Museum. “Okanagan Select” is a local, sustainable and responsible trade product that is #1 grade Ocean Wise-certified: never frozen, and canned quickly to maintain freshness.


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Sncewips Heritage Museum


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