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    1. HeartofGold says:

      Thanks to Amanda and all members of the Public Art Committee for their work on behalf of the citizens of Kelowna. We have an excellent collection, but much much more art in public places is needed. We almost can’t have too much of it. I’d like to see more city resources committed to this area and I’d like to see more commitment by the leading companies in Kelowna, who also benefit from the stronger community that results. Surely the taxpayer alone doesn’t have to bear the whole cost!!

    2. Wanda says:

      Many Hats productions are terrific. Anyone who likes lives theatre, and anyone who doesn’t, should attend one of their performances. This theatre company is a real gem of the South Okanagan.

    3. Hello Katie,
      The website looks great!
      Please add the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan!


    4. Laura says:

      Very interesting and it is so nice to read about what the Public Art Committee is working on and doing. I agree, more resources would help this very worthwhile committee. Good for you Amanda. Keep up the good work.

    5. Daniel says:

      Hi, I’d like to be able to add our venues events on a regular basis.
      Fifteen to twenty shows a month.
      What do I have to do?

    6. cardaddy says:

      Hi guys! Cool site! Do you know more blogs on this topic?

    7. River Lewis says:

      Loving the site, you’re making it so easy to keep track of arts events! Keep up the good job!

      • katie says:

        Hi River, thanks for the note. It’s nice to hear from a local artist. Please email us if there is ever anything you’d like to contribute.

    8. don lyons says:

      what a nicely deserved critique for your hard work Sue. Don

    9. devon says:

      What is this guys purpose walking around in this idiotic clothing.. It doesn’t glorify the arts in any way whatsoever. Most people just react in a negative way thinking this guy is just crazy.

      • dave says:

        Its not about glorification. It is about critical thinking. people are scared of what they don’t understand or can not relate to. This is great way to intervene and ignite discovery and get people to question things, ideas, morals, and culture. This is great for the Okanagan!

    10. … and the Lake Country Art Gallery


    11. cat says:
      Dave has got the right idea. I think this project definitely aroused curiosity of the public. As displayed in the video, most reacted in a positive manor.

    12. Jeanne Bates says:

      this looks great and gives lots of good information.
      Could you update it to show how much we’ve progressed, and to add the date and place of the Closing Reception?

      Some very nice sculpting is going on, please come visit us any time!

      • katie says:

        Hi Jeanne, we’d love to do an update. It sounds like you’re involved in the project. If so, please send along some more info about your progress so that we may post it.

    13. Sheila Snow says:

      WOW! Amazing writing Jayme!!! Nice perspective!

    14. A piece of history in the Heart of Penticton’s downtown, come visit this one of a kind nightspot for the amazing vibe, the awesome entertainment, and the best fries in town!
      Wednesday night is Vinyl Night! Bring down your favorite wrekkids, or just come in to hear what the DJ’s are spinning. Watch for the triumphant return of The Elite Open Mic Fridays, starting in October, and don’t forget to join our Facebook group to get the latest info on our fabulous live entertainment!

    15. Chandra says:

      Great article! 😀

      “Thats what good music does. It unites us all in heart and spirit. We forget our daily lives, we forget our problems and the problems of the world for that moment… and we do it together as a mass of sweaty, sticky, dirty passionate dancing freaks.” Love this – and I totally agree!

    16. jaymemckillop says:

      Ohhh and even Genvieve Rainy is in that awesome Steph Macpherson video!


    17. jaymemckillop says:

      Wow!!! What a brilliant idea to do a recorded interview like that Ryan! Loved it!

    18. Fantastic! Penticton is really coming alive and the movement has already begun. Jump on board and take part in the transformation! Thanks to the hard working artists and community members that give of themselves to make it possible.


    19. Fabulous initiative! Its this kind of thing which grows and transforms because its created and tended by people who care. Congratulations!

    20. Stacy Franck says:

      Great article and choice of photos! Looks great Sarah! 🙂

    21. Sue Robinson says:

      I have been lucky enough to attend one of Rena’s latest courses in drawing and it was amazing to have had her as instructor! She is very easy to talk to and amazingly talented. I miss your classes Rena. You are an inspiration…

    22. Noushi says:

      My daughter attended a one-week summer art class that was instructed by Rena…She came back with amazing and unique art pieces. Rena brought out the individuality in her. Hope to attend one of her classes myself!

      • katie says:

        Rena will be teaching some classes at the Kelowna Art Gallery in the new year. Just search the oook events for “Rena” and all the details will pop up.

        Kelowna Art Gallery – Drawing for the Absolute Beginner – Instructor: Rena Warren

        Kelowna Art Gallery – Advancing Skills in Acrylic Painting Instructor: Rena Warren

        • Beverlee Williams says:

          I would be interested in the Advancing Skills in Acrylic Painting class. When is the scheduled and what is the price. Rena’s work is amazing.
          I’m an artist, and have painted with all kinds of mediums for year. I moved to Kelowna 3 years ago. I do have a studio in my home, and I teach art classes Apr. to Nov. My students (5) then leave for winter breaks. This is when I love to take courses to keep my creative juices going and to pass the info on to my students. We had two shows this past year. and did a fund raising at the Cancer Clinic with Christmas items.
          We would very much like to get in more art juried shows and get our work out there and our names. Hoping this site will help us.

          Christmas season greetings, I hope to attend Rene’s class in the New Year.

          regard, Beverlee

    23. Marcia Stacy says:

      Hi Katie
      I think you’re doing a fabulous job of this site. It is truly the best place to go to find out what’s going on in the Valley.
      Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    24. Marcia Stacy says:

      Very beautiful and moving, thank you for sharing.

    25. Andrea says:

      Thanks for posting the interview!

    26. Congrats Jim! This is just breathtaking! A beautiful work for people to ponder at a potent time in their lives. Travel to loved ones. Travel away from loved ones. New experiences, faces, places, old stories, habits and food. This will carry them along their way nicely.

      Jim, you still remain one of my most influential teachers. Congrats and thank you from the bottom on my heart.


    27. Chad says:

      Man…This video is… Its been awhile since I have had a powerful emotional reaction to a Kelowna Artist’s expression. Just amazing. Legacy is everything. For me this is where heaven is. It is through the memory of our loved ones (Good and Bad) that carries on their identity. One day we will die and we will leave a legacy. We can only hope to leave a legacy like your father. Your father sounds like a great man.

    28. colleen says:

      I can’t find an actual date posted for this festival?

    29. Christian Smith says:

      Why don’t you include The Grateful Fed Pub on this list . We have live music 5 nights a week?

      • katie says:

        Hi Christian, I’m not sure. That piece was sent to us by Jason Lane of, who sends us his personal picks each week or so. It’s not necessarily a “complete” listing.

    30. Jiri Bakala says:

      …nice write up – thank you. And just a quick add on; the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to film director Ken Jubenvill, who has helmed numerous TV series, such as Beachcombers, Wind at my Back, North of 60, Lonesome Dove and many others, as well as documentaries such as The Last Wild Salmon, Stolen Lives, and Tears for April.

    31. Toph says:

      we love Lyndsay down here on the coast…keep up the great writing!!!

    32. fabulous Ameroo!! I hope to see you in June.

    33. Leah West says:

      Thank you so much for covering this story! it means so much to me. it was a wonderful experience xoxo Leah West

    34. Joanna Hindle says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words about Mum – the support and love shown to her by the Arts community during the past few months has been overwhelming and comforting. Long Live Art! warmest regards, Joanna

    35. The Major labels, The gatekeepers no longer can infer you are not worthy without their blessing, It’s a changing world in some ways internet etc, Some people think they can become famous online without playing live, Does’nt work too well for most though !

    36. aj says:

      Wishing all the graduates a good sleep ad then a big party..i’ll be there to cheer them on…

    37. Milkcrate records store is going to be a great addition to Kelowna’s music stores. The idea of providing pie and coffee will definitely make this store to be popular amongst music lovers. This is a fantastic way to kick of the 5th annual record day in Kelowna and hopefully many people will turn out to support the launch of Milkcrate records.

    38. PETER KLEIN says:

      You are soo lucky..
      My wife wants me to eliminate my record collection.
      I said “yes Dear”,sorted them all by genres,put them in boxes,loaded them into my van.
      There are about 760,yes, senenhundredandsixty of them.From swing,rock and roll,classics,and international.
      Well,it breaks my heart,but I want a dollar a piece for them.or,,best offer.
      The deal is,no picking and choosing.You take them all.
      There are about 25 records,not included in the total,I wanted to trow them out,but,what do I know 🙂
      Please get back to me asap.
      Thank you:

    39. We would like to know who Shatford was and why his name is used for the Centre? Thank you!

    40. Marcia Stacy says:

      Hey, what a great event!!! Thanks, Katie

    41. Denise says:

      I like slicing zucchini lengthwise and then rubbing the slices with some Montreal steak spice before grilling. Delicious.

    42. Sea Dean says:

      I can’t see anything here that says where these venues are.

    43. Roseanne says:

      Thanks for featuring this talented, interesting young group and their concert at Polson today. Good video and interview, Michelle! Love the name – Amistad. I’ll be there!

    44. heather says:

      How did you end up in 100 Mile House instead of Kelowna?

    45. Hi,

      It was just brought to my attention that you shared my Milkcrate Records piece, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank-you for doing so. I do appreciate it. For those that are interested, you can keep up with my column at:


      Vince Jones

    46. Judy says:

      What a lovely surprise! Thank you for posting Katie and OOOK!! luv you guys!

    47. Paul Brown says:

      Wow, let’s just say suspense! Well done Nate, can’t wait to see you in LA big time!

    48. Neb says:

      Wow! The change in teenagers. In my day, we’d walk the streets lookin’ for scraps but hey, complimentary breakfast sounds lovely! Keep it up guys, invite me out sometime ;).

    49. Allison Gold says:

      Your work is extrodinary Corie! You are such a talented Artist. Good luck with your show! Wish I was closer to come in person!

    50. Horatio says:

      It needs more of a focus of the socio-fiscal status of dentists

    51. Jodi Rose says:

      Cor, you continue to amaze me and I know I am one of the lucky few to have a Corie Waugh original (actually 2) on my wall at home. Good luck with your show and I wish I could be there.

    52. Ev says:

      Great review–sounds like one of those events that transcends being a mere “show.” Wish I could’ve been there. Will definitely look into these artists.

    53. Laurie-Anne says:

      I am a member of a social group. I am planning Octobers schedule but cannot find a date for you Halloween tour. Will you be doing the tour and if so when?

    54. Үou are such a super writer, your voice іs stunnіng.

    55. Theresa Wooten says:

      Leah is just as beautiful inside as outside. I had ordered her first CD from CD Baby, I paid for it and they never shipped it. I let Leah know and she apologized for CD Baby, and she sent me 2 CD’s and signed one of them. She also sent me back the money I paid, in the form of a check. I tore the check up. Wish I had it now, because very very soon her signature is going to be at high demand. Her music is beautiful. I’ll be purchasing her Speechless CD as soon as possible. I’m unemployed now, so it will have to wait. But I will definitely get it. Leah is so talented. I just love her.

    56. alan gatzke says:

      we enjoyed a sold out show @ lorenzos last night Jim and Lindsay were great and soo Authentic with there entertaining… but this poster says sat nov 20th might be a lil confusing..

    57. David Morrison says:

      I would like to nominate the new arts programs being implimented at the Kamloops CMHA Clubhouse by the members themselves. One program is a rather nicely detailed 4ft by 8ft dragon mural assembled from discarted floor tiles and the other program they have just starting to impliment is wire wrap geodes.

    58. Brandy says:

      I am just looking for some current 2013 ArtWalk information for groups wanting to display their art in the fall event. It seems the website is outdated with 2012 info. Please send me the contact info of the person in charge of fibre art submissions and the link to the 2013 event. Is it the 20th Anniversary of Art Walk this year?

      Thanks, Brandy

    59. Michelle says:

      Proofread your title!! Also, rumour has it that you have comedy club acts on Thursdays and yet, no matter where I look online to confirm this rumour (including your FaceBook page that is startingly blank) it says that no events are scheduled.

    60. Paul Sansom says:

      My wife Olive and I are members of Tsawwassen LBC and planning to visit Penticton this summer. Do you have open bowling when guests are welcome. If so,please let me know the days and times. Thankyou.

    61. I would like to see a schedule for music in the park for the summer.

    62. The Ponderosas are playing at the outdoor stage at Rotary Commons in Kelowna for Dark Days Festival.

      The Ponderosas take soul, funk, reggae and R&B and blend it into a unique sound that is truly their own. Described as “world-pop-party-fusion,” these dynamic performers have been setting dance floors at clubs and festivals on fire with their contagious grooves and sweet soulful melodies.

      Would love to see you there! Click the link to direct you to tickets.

    63. Alix says:

      Hey there,

      Not sure if you post for the west side too but Neighbours Pub in West Kelowna will have live music every Saturday starting March 1st 🙂

    64. Gaetane Shirley says:

      David Colombe used to be the chef at Table 24 in Salmon arm, I’m trying to find out where he is now? He is one of the best chefs we’ve had the pleasure to eat his food.

    65. Roderick says:

      The South Okanagan Big Band along along with “Yanti” perform in Gyro Park on Monday August the 4th 2014 BC Day at 7pm.

      Penticton Concert Band performs as well on July 6th 2014 at 7pm as part of the Summer Concert series at this location.

      I agree with the previous comment from Cindy.. it would be nice to see a schedule for this location.

      Thanks, Rod

    66. Tickets online, by phone: 250-862-2867 or in person at Kelowna Actors Studio Box Office
      1379 Ellis St. (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm)

    67. J says:

      “Further To Fly.,” Norm Strauss; acoustics and four part harmony.

    68. Vienna says:

      i’m a W.L Seaton student and i am doing a project about Ghosts. if you have any type of experience, i would like to hear about it and if you can also tell me if it happend in the evening, afternoon or morning. if you were alone or not, the location of the incident and what way did you handel the situation?

    69. Heather Whistle says:

      I am interested in registering for this course. Can you please let me know if there are spaces available and the cost for the two days. Thank you.
      Heather Whistlee

    70. Kerren says:

      Although this is an old posting from 2013, I’m interested in finding out if this course is available in 2016?
      Thank you.

    71. Ali says:

      Hi there,
      I am very interested in taking this course if it is going to be run again!


    72. Jean Pierre says:

      Love it great song well perform the future is looking bright and fill with many possibility kepp on going….*** you are a shining star…****&

    73. Cornelis kriekaart says:

      When will dolly and Kenny be in Penticton or kelowna

    74. Steve says:

      Could you tell me if you will have an upcoming food and bake sale. If so when?

    75. Yo, Fahey.

      “I am my only text.”

      A lie. as imposed by the paradox therein.

      So I”M PAINTING FREESTYLE PROSE please assume an accent aigu over that last e.


    76. Rosemary Linn says:

      Hello- Please would you tell me where I could purchase one or two or more pysanki Ukrainian decorated eggs ? I can only travel to the Penticton, Naramata, Summerland, Peachland, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls areas. I am rarely in Kelowna. But even Kelowna would be o.k., perhaps. Thank you. Rosemary

    77. Do Not Erase PR Committee says:

      Note: Theatrical performances will continue until 10pm on April 22nd.

    78. Fiona says:


      I would love to take this course. Is there a chance it will be offered in summer 2017?



    79. Pamela Sawchuk says:

      Is there a perohe and bake sale anytime soon?

    80. Pamela Sawchuk says:

      Could you tell me if you will have an upcoming food and bake sale. If so when?

    81. Pamela Sawchuk says:

      Are you having a perogy and cabbage roll sale before Christmas

    82. Peter says:

      Looking for Ukrainain food for Christmas. Any suggestions? Needed by Nov 25 2017

    83. Sandy says:

      I would like to find a list of events that the Ukrainian centre holds thru the year….Please.

    84. Violet Hedin says:

      My husband is looking for someone who makes cabbage rolls. Also someone who makes cottage cheese perogies. I grew up calling them wreneki..

    85. Charlotte says:

      Is there someone who can translate letters/cards from Ukraine? I have family in Ukraine, they don’t know English ; I don’t know Ukrainian, the person who was translating for me moved.
      I don’t mind paying for it.

    86. Charlotte says:

      I’m not sure if this posted already – looking for someone to translate Ukrainian letters into English

    87. Please Note: New rates for Salsa Thursdays 2019
      Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna presents SALSA THURSDAYS 8pm Singles, Couples, All levels and ages 30 minute lesson with dance to follow 421 Cawston Ave. V1Y 6Z1 (250)717-5304
      $10/person or $15/2. Great exercise for body and mind. Make new friends. Ongoing event since 2007.

    88. Andrey says:

      Can’t wait till June. Went there last year and had a blast! Recommend it to all metal lovers out there!

    89. That’s something to look forward to – are the tickets on sale yet? And how come Lethbridge but not Calgary?

    90. Greg Zyn says:

      Cassini Cellars serves some wonderful wine, and the first time I drank some of their wine, I couldn’t believe what I was drinking. My mates were with me, as well, and they were shocked, too. The wine tasted so good!

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