Kristoff Steinruck: The Marble Range

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Date(s) - 1 Aug 2013 until 10 Oct 2013
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Vernon Public Art Gallery


The Marble Range, (production still), 2013, single channel video (1) smKristof Steinruck, a Kelowna and Vancouver, BC based artist, will exhibit a new body of work in the exhibition titled The Marble Range. The exhibition consists of photographs, hand-carved stone elements, and a single channel projection video.

Steinruck’s interest in geology resulted in his extensive geological research of rare limestone deposits found in the Marble Range Park near Cash Creek in British Columbia. The Marble Range itself is an anomaly within the geomorphology of British Columbia, and its formation dates some 200-300 million years near the volcanic islands in the tropics of Pacific Rim from where it was transported by the plate tectonics over the hundreds of millions years to its present location in British Columbia.

Steinruck collected large rock samples directly in the area of the Marble Range Park and he consequently hand-carved large models of crystals which form the geological make up of the area. As a part of the artistic narrative that frames the whole exploration of the subject matter, Steinruck staged a pseudo-scientific expedition back to the site. This was a starting point of his artistic intervention, and produced a video in which performers dressed in what appears to be kinds of a hazmat suits carry the weighty carved elements in the actual landscape. The focus of Steinruck’s video was to contrast the inert, stable, and ancient mineral forms of the ‘crystals’ with the strenuous effort of a biological human body navigating difficult terrain of the site. A suit of six black and white photographs portraying the performers holding the carved stone elements further elaborates the contrast of the age-old and inert mineral forms with the temporary nature of living organisms.

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