Fine Arts Intensive in the Okanagan

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Date(s) - 18 Aug 2014 until 23 Aug 2014
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Shatford Centre


This course introduces fundamental aspects of materials, media and composition in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art practices. You will investigate how line, shape, colour, and surface determine form and meaning. Working with a variety of media will allow you to explore mass, volume, texture and the representation of space. Lectures, discussions and critiques will introduce you to historical and contemporary theories and images as references for art making. The mornings will be dedicated to 2D work, and the afternoons to 3D work.

1. Knowledge of concepts and terminology in 2D and 3D art practices
2. The ability to conceive space and use of line and explore compositional models 
3. The ability to work with colour as a compositional/emotional tool 
4. Exposure to different materials and practices for work in 3D 
5. Knowledge of material relationships, mass, form and texture
6. Development of analytical and observational skills 

1. Studio projects – both experimental and conceptual
2. Demonstration and discussions 
3. One-on-one in-class guidance 
4. Group critiques 
5. Homework assignments and visual research

1. Understanding composition through analysis of works of art and exploration
2. Colour, line and space in 2D visual work
3. Experimentation with materials both 2D and 3D
4. Mass, texture and volume in 3D work including casting, modelling and assemblage
5. Learning to work from ideas and concepts and realize them in visual works

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