ArtWalk 2015 presents Kinshira’s Memory Park

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Date(s) - 12 Sep 2015 until 12 Sep 2015
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

The Creekside Theatre


ArtWalk 2015 Presents: Kinshira’s Memory Park34

Saturday September 12th /2015

Doors open 7:00pm, Show time 7:30pm

Tickets $25.00 Group of 4 tickets $88.00 (includes all services charges)


” Join us at the Creekside Theatre for a story of passion and love as Kinshira tells the tumultuous tale of Josh Pike.  With light and flow, Kinshira will guide you through mists of time to see Josh travel the paths of Memory Park and how the pursuit of passion can shape the life of one man”  

Kinshira is a local performing arts troupe from Kelowna BC specializing in flow props such as poi, hula hoops, staves, juggling and more. Our name stands for ‘Poetic Movement’ by combining the Hebrew word for poetry and kinetic found in the scientific language.  We have found this description to be an excellent definition of the flow arts performance culture as the various props become extensions of one’s body and thus, expression.  Dance, martial arts, acrobatics etc, seem to all apply to this art form, there seems to be no slowing down of this community in terms of new avenues of growth.

Kinshira formed in 2008 from an up and coming fire spinner community in the Oknagan, whittled down to a small group of friends who wanted to take things to a more professional level.  We are thrilled to say that over the years into 2015, Kinshira has grown exponentially in what our shows have become and the avenues we are further exploring.

Beginning with a strong foundation in Fire Arts Theatre, Kinshira has added roving acts to their ensemble via awe inspiring stilt walkers and street performers satisfying festivals, galas and more.  Later, LED and Glow performances have been added to the mix, which are a variation of our fire performance style, but with the vast twist moving from the element of a flame, to lighting and special effects, UV reflective materials and LED flow arts props.  Thus, we are very excited and thrilled to be presenting our first ever Feature Length LED Glow Performance ‘Memory Park’

Memory Park has been a story we have been collectively writing over the years, awaiting the right time to put things into full swing and set it to a stage.  ArtWalk 2015 supplies this opportunity and we are thrilled to show the community what the flow arts is capable of on stage mixed with an emotional tale and the talent of the Kinshira Performance Troupe co-creative process.

Memory Park will be exploring an array of emotions, mixed with visual special effects and LED flow-props.  We revisit our main character, Josh Pyke’s past through memories of a park that he holds dear to his heart.  Like small windows of time, memories hold space to revisit, remember and relive one’s self, while guiding us to the future.  Things are not always black and white, right and wrong nor good or evil as we may recall.  But one thing remains, those who inspire, uplift and aid us in our journey do so much more that create memories in our past, they touch our hearts for eternity.

Tickets for the Creekside Theatre Productions can be purchased by phone or in person at the Customer Service Centre in the District of Lake Country Municipal Hall. The reservation phone line is 250-766-9309. The Municipal Hall ticket office is open from 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

The Creekside Theatre box office opens one hour prior to show time. At this time, if there are any seats available tickets may be purchased at the box office.

For all other inquiries about Theatre Administration call or e-mail: 250-766-5669 /


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