Trope “Lambs” Video Out Now

Trope is an anomaly in its fusing of 90’s alt influences with progressive undertones, songs in odd time signatures dripping with groove, melody and familiarity, while remaining completely fresh.

This was apparent to both engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) and mixer David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel), who came onboard to help make Trope’s debut album “Eleutheromania’ in the fall of 2017. The album was then mastered by Ted Jensen (Eagles, Deftones, Dave Mathews Band).

The first single “Lambs”, self released by the band in May/June 2018, has singer Diana Studenberg’s melodic voice touching on the subject of bullying in a poetic, yet narrative style. The piano-like 15/8 bass riff that propels the song towards its mid mark tempo change establishes an almost loop-like hypnotic vibe, while heavy drums and guitars tease their arrival in a thunder- ous apex. Studenberg’s guttural cry at the peak of “Lambs” is augmented by the crushing guitars of Dave Thompson, in what Soundsphere Magazine calls “a blis- tering conclusion.”

Thompson also produced the album and wrote all the guitar, bass and drum parts, while Studenberg wrote all lyrics and melodies on the album. A true collaboration of a collective masterplan.

Since the release of their first single “Lambs” in May/June 2018, Trope has garnered many reviews and the results are unanimous. Soundsphere Magazine lauds“Lambs” as “insanely good’, while Keep Walking Music in the UK calls Trope “our favourite band.” Belwood Music, also in the UK, suggests Trope “offer a masterclass in building tension” and “Lambs” is a track “that demands your full attention, and is more than worthy of it.” The Strain Magazine tease that Trope “is a progressive math band masquerading as an alternative rock band’ and “Lambs” is “a musical equivalent to a visual stereogram, re- vealing itself on repeated listens.

Trope has also recently broken ground at commercial radio, with radio play and on-air interviews on 94.9 The Rock in Toronto, doing an advance preview of the album over 10 days in June 2018, and 94.7 The Razor in Wisconsin, spinning “Lambs.”

The band formed in 2016 when guitarist/producer Dave Thompson showed vocalist Diana Studenberg the embryo of what came to be their first song, “Lambs.” The band spent the next 2 years writing and recording demos while searching for bandmates who could keep up with the constant time signature changes and feels in the music.

Pre-production on the debut Trope record, titled “Eleutheromania’ which means a manic zeal for freedom, began in April 2017, and was tracked at both Armoury Studios and Hipposonic (formerly Little Mountain Sound) in Vancouver, B.C. Aleks Amer was recently added on drums and Reggie Hache on Bass, for touring.

Trope’s music has been likened to A Perfect Circle and Tool with female vocals, their sound falling into the Alternative Rock genre. Their ‘music first’ focus pairs with the groups’ sound, which is quite progressive.


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