Tour Date in Kelowna – Feb 15th – Mexico’s CABRAKAAN – Western Canadian Tour

The band is hitting the road with Quebec’s Valfreya and Alberta’s Forsaken Rite for this year’s “March Of The Frozen Western Canadian Tour”. The tour will see the Mexican transplants whom now call Canada home and residing in Calgary, AB perform in three provinces during the month of February. During the tour, CABRAKAÄN will showcase new tracks from their upcoming 2018 full length “Cem Anahuac” due out in spring 2018 to follow their 2014 debut EP “Songs From Anahuac”.

Staying true to their roots, CABRAKAÄN‘s music combines elements of metal orchestrated with Mexican folklore along with a wide variety of instruments such as strings, acoustic guitars, Jarocha harp, marimba, ocarinas, Huehuetl, and Teponaztle. Their lyrics are in English, Spanish, Zapoteco, Nahuatl and other ancient Mexican languages. The band’s name is based on a character from the Mayan sacred book known as the Popol Vuh, where Cabrakan was the god of mountains and earthquakes.

“We are proud our roots and our culture and we want to share it with the world through our music. When we are on stage, we try to give our fans a great experience by creating an atmosphere from the time of the Aztecs, using costumes and make up. The purpose of our sets too is to give fans more of our culture visually and musically so they can connect with us and enjoy the performance even more.” says drummer Marko Cipaktli.

Date: Thursday, Feb 15th
Time: Door 8pm – Show 9pm
Venue: Muninn’s Post, 575 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 6N9
Cost: $15 – All Ages
Bands: Odinfist, Valfreya , Forsaken Rite, Cabrakaan,
Event Link:
Tour Dates:
Feb 15 – Kelowna, BC – Muninn’s Post – info
Feb 16 – Calgary, AB – Distortion – info
Feb 17 – Edmonton, AB – The Forge On Whyte – info
Feb 18 – Regina, SK – Cloud 9 – info

About Cabrakaan:

Metal means so much to so many cultures and has spread throughout the world, bringing unity and happiness rather than war and hatred.

The United Nations should make 2018 the official year of metal!

When metal meets a new culture it blends with it, creating a band special and original that we have never heard before. Such a band is the Mexican Folk Metal band Cabrakaan.

Formed in Toluca, Mexico in December 2012, Cabrakaan combine metal, orchestral elements and Mexican folkloric music, mixing such instruments as Jarocha harp, marimba and pre-Hispanic instruments like ocarinas, with lyrics in Spanish, English, Zapoteco and Nahuatl!

Cabrakaan are a truly unique band, one not just for their beloved and inspirational Mexico, but for the whole world, and the world will be hearing much more of them in the future.

As drummer and founder Marko Cipaktli says.

“We are proud of our roots and our culture and we want to share it with the world through our music.”

Inspired by Nightwish, Equilibrium, Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Eluveitie , Marko describes Cabrakaan’s music as “folk, melodic, epic, symphonic, death.”

Cabrakaan could not have a more metal name. “Cabrakaan is the name of a character in the Mayan sacred book known as Popol Vuh. He is the god of mountains and earthquakes.”

He feels that their forthcoming 2018 album “Cem Anahuac” will be an epic listening experience for fans.

“The album is inspired by the Mexican culture, its traditions and the issues we have as a society nowadays. It’s an expression of pride in our roots, our history and traditions, and our love for metal and music from our country.”

Live, Cabrakaan put on a show that is unique as their music.

“When we are on stage we try to give out fans a great experience by creating an atmosphere from the Aztecs’ time, using costumes and make-up!”

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