Meditative Movement Workshop

Meditative Movement Workshop “Compass with Chantell Foss” helps people find their way

Compass with Chantell Foss is a 5 Rhythms workshops that will be offered in Kelowna on March 17, 18 and 19th, 2017.

5Rhythms® is a transformative movement practice that includes – and transcends – dance. Free, improvised movement becomes meditation, and medicine for our experiences of life. No background in dance or meditation traditions is required. As long as you’re breathing and interested in moving any amount, there’s a place for you in this dance.

The theme of Compass is particularly apt in the current climate we live in: Where do you find yourself, in the landscape of your life? What direction is your compass pointing?

In Compass, participants will use the maps and magnetisms of 5Rhythms to track themselves down. They will consult their own bodies’ knowing to turn themselves in the direction of the next breath, the next move. Many 5Rhythms students have the experience of their discoveries on the dance floor seeping into their lives “out there”. This is good: Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms Founder said, “All of this dance is bullshit if we don’t take it to the street.”

A sentiment 5Rhythms® instructor Chantell Foss echos. “Gently but intently, we focus our practice to glimpse coherent, powerful views of where we presently are, and where we’re headed. Dancing together in a spirit of inquiry and personal quest, we’ll move with direction and destiny. Let’s open to the dance influencing us, and helping us find our way”, she explains.

Chantell Foss has danced 5Rhythms for 10 years, becoming a teacher in 2014. She uses 5Rhythms to turn toward life, instead of away. Drawing from her wrestling matches with life’s preciousness and torment, she holds 5Rhythms practice with the intention to be of aid in our mutual progress. As 5Rhythms teacher, accredited yoga teacher, and trained Council Facilitator, she witnesses and invests in others’ movement toward their own wakefulness, aliveness, and unique abilities to grow and serve.

This is the fourth 5Rhythms® workshop to take place in Kelowna. Previous offerings have attracted dancers from as far away as California, Calgary and Boston.

5Rhythms is truly a worldwide phenomenon and blends well with the number of weekly intuitive, free form dance experiences currently available in the area. “People want to dance and they want to do it in a safe and welcoming environment”, explains Katie Brennan, Lotus Rock Workshop Producer. “5Rhythms offers a soul satisfying journey that re-invigorates the body and feeds the soul”.

The Friday night session of Compass from 6:30pm – 9:30pm is open for drop-in and for people to check out what 5Rhythms is all about. The full workshop continues Saturday, March 18th 11am – 6pm and Sunday, March 19th from 11am – 5pm. No previous experience is necessary for this workshop. All sessions will be held at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in downtown Kelowna. Friday drop-in is $35 early-bird / $45. Full workshop rate: $165 early bird / $195. Early bird pricing ends Feb 26th. To register, please visit

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