Ten Strings And a Goatskin Bring Their East Coast Trad/Folk/Fusion to the West

Creekside Theatre is thrilled to present Ten Strings And a Goatskin for one night only on Wednesday, November 9th at 7:30 pm in Lake Country.


When the phrase “East Coast Music” is used, it typically conjures up images of toe-tapping, spoon-wielding, step dancing, fiddle-playing tunes. It is a classic Canadian picture that most have had the privilege of stepping into, while others, like the members of Ten Strings And a Goatskin, have lived, and been born into.

Ten Strings And a Goatskin is an exciting bilingual trad/folk/fusion trio made up of three budding musicians from Prince Edward Island. Drawing upon traditional musical arrangements, and the culture and history of the Irish, Acadian, and Francophone people in Eastern Canada, the trio successfully creates a blend of the old, with new, modern and world rhythms. The trio grew up listening to, and playing traditional Maritime folk music but, by the time they reached high school and formed their band, outside influences from other bands and worldly sound bites began to weave their way into the group’s style.

In the last couple years, Ten Strings And a Goatskin has been touring Europe, and North America extensively, performing to massive crowds up to 75,000 people at festivals, and intimate gatherings in smaller venues, all the while gaining new fans along the way.


Their easy-going nature, and ability to connect with audiences has helped them succeed in noticeable ways winning the 2015 East Coast Music Award for World Music Recording of the Year, being nominated numerous times in 2013 for Canadian Folk Music Awards, East Coast Music Awards, Music PEI Awards, and just recently, having their newest album reach 12th position on the Billboard Sales charts as well as being nominated for four 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Ten Strings is thrilled to be performing music from their newest album released in June this year, Auprès du Poêle or “Around the Woodstove”. Working with producer Leonard Podolak (who produced Grammy and Juno-winning group The Duhks), Ten Strings were urged to push their music beyond the traditional expected sounds of folk music into a more rich, funky sound in hopes of enticing listeners from outside the folk realm.


For the group, the album was “less anchored in traditional structures” and while they worked to hold onto classic melodic elements, as quipped by trio member Rowen Gallant, they were “not opposed to messing with things.” Some unique elements on the new album include clever effects, layered vocal harmonies, B3 and a pump organ. The album features 11 tracks ranging from up beat fiddle numbers to rich, layered ballads. The band is proud of the work put into the album both in their arranging and songwriting. It ultimately showcases how far the band has come since its inception.

Auprès du Poêle, as described by Rowen depicts “fighting off the doldrums of winter that’s built into the traditional home.” Returning home after long days in the studio, the trio was inspired by the music continually being played around them, and embracing the traditional culture that is only truly discovered during the winter, around the woodstove.

This remarkable young group is bringing their talents LIVE to Creekside Theatre on Wednesday, November 9th at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online at www.creeksidetheatre.com by phone at 250-766-9309 or at the door.


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