Stormy Post-rock Improv Duo Bring Their Thunder to Kelowna

The electrifying Vancouver duo Peregrine Falls will be in concert on November 4th at Muninn’s Post in Kelowna.


This concert is the lucky thirteenth installment of the Skin And Bones Music Series. Now in its second year of production, Skin And Bones is an Okanagan Arts Award nominated concert series devoted to the presentation of experimental music in the Okanagan, produced through the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.

Consisting of guitarist Gordon Grdina and drummer Kenton Loewen, both long-standing members of the Dan Mangan + Blacksmith band, Peregrine Falls delivers a heady blend of sludgy math rock, jazz-punk, and Middle Eastern tinges. As prodigious festival favourites of the Vancouver creative music scene Gordon and Kenton exemplify the kind of virtuosic interplay one would no less expect from two master improvisers informed by the likes of the Stooges, Sonny Sharrock, Led Zeppelin, John Coltrane, and traditional Arabic music. Called “modern jazz for metalheads” by the Georgia Straight, Peregrine Falls can be heard pulling no punches with their recent album Two Fish on the Marching Line label. It is pure and raw musical expression manifested through an uncanny telepathic musical rapport.


Appearing with Peregrine Falls will be local noise-core duo Experimental BJ joined by avant-garde saxophonist Darren Williams. Kelowna jazz wunderkinds Bjorn Kriel (guitar, effects) and Jason Martin (drums) comprise Experimental BJ, a sonic Cuisinart that blends noise, jazz, metal, and all things in between, creating a tumultuous barrage of mind pummeling sound. Darren Williams is the high priest of extended techniques on the saxophone, often using circular breathing and multiphonics (playing two or more notes simultaneously) to devastating effect.


Peregrine Falls and Experimental BJ perform at Muninn’s Post as part of the Skin and Bones Music Series on November 4th. Doors open at 8:30 pm and the concert will begin at 9:00 pm. Muninn’s Post is located at 575 Bernard Avenue in downtown Kelowna. Admission is $10 for the public and $8 for Alternator members. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at the Alternator. Non-members also have the option to purchase tickets at Milkcrate Records on Ellis Street.

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