The Bboys are coming!

This summer Kelowna is going to see something a little difference out in the summer sun.


For the past few weeks, Karram Amro and “Frisco” Ugarte and their break dance crew SoulSikk have been training the next generation of Bboys and Bgirls downtown Kelowna, while brushing up on their own break dance skills. The two are preparing for the 1st Annual Fresh Coast Championship in Kelowna Sept 9th, 10th and 11th at the Rutland Centennial Hall.

The three day breakdance showcase and competition, brought to you by LMNO Productions, in partnership with the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan (ARTSCO), is a family oriented breakdance battle that will feature Kelowna’s homegrown talent as well as dancers from as far as Vancouver, Toronrto and Montreal. This is the first breakdance competition in the area since the last battle Frisco threw in 2010.


The end of Frisco’s hiatus from teaching break dance for many years in Kelowna came about when Amro and Frisco met about 6 months ago and bonded over their mutual love for break dance and hip-hop culture. Both hail from other locales; Frisco is originally from Medicine Hat and Amro moved here from Montreal 2 years ago. They are the team behind LMNO Productions and are the organizers of the Fresh Coast Championship. LMNO Productions is also the outfit behind the colourful new mural on the wall of the newly renovated Hotel Zed in downtown Kelowna.

Amro and Frisco bring a new, vibrant energy to Kelowna with Fresh Coast. Their goal is to offer a new, positive perspective on hip-hop culture and make it a new cultural element here in the Okanagan, one where hip-hop culture and break dance is a tool for community development, youth engagement and creative expression.

The 1st Annual Fresh Coast Championship kicks on Sept 9th at 6pm with an all style dance showcase, along with live graffiti walls and a DJ Jam. This is a chance for local dancers, schools and crews to show off their talent and pickup the freshest new moves and tricks. All styles are welcome. Entry is $10. Children 5 years and under are FREE. $5 for Children between the ages of 6 – 12.

Saturday, Sept 10th is the main event: the Break Dance Battle and competition. Bboys and Bgirls from the Okanagan and beyond will battle it out 1-on-1 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and cash prizes: $1000 for 1st place, $400 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd. The competition begins at 1pm, with a performance showcase by judges, Fresh Coast hosts and other performers at 5pm. At 7pm the winners will be announced. Entry is $20 per person. Children 5 years and under are FREE. $10 for Children between the ages of 6 – 12. There will also be live art, BBQ and food.

Sunday, Sept 11th is a special opportunity for local dancers to do a workshop with BBoys Paul “Kaze” Thurton, international performer, dance instructor, and owner of Simply Swagg Dance Studio, hailing from Toronto, and Jax from Vancouver, an international break dance competitor known best for his unique style that combines his Taiwanese roots with his Canadian upbringing and influences. Jax will be doing a workshop on breaking from 12 – 1pm and Kaze will be doing a workshop top rock & hip hop from 2 – 3pm. Workshops are $20, $12 for students. Visit to register.


Soulsikk breakdance crew performing downtown Kelowna

“Frisco” Ugarte (centre), Karram Amro, along Frisco’s son Tao, the organizers of the Fresh Coast Championship in front of the new mural on the wall of Hotel Zed that they also helped organize.

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