Metanoia, Pt. I by Andrew Judah is now available

Metanoia is a sprawling 21 track album, which will be created and evolve in as close to real time as possible. Taking form as 7 separate 3 track EPs, released once a month from June until December 2016. In an attempt to subvert the modern pitfalls of self censoring, each one will be written and unleashed on a very tight deadline. None of these are finished. The goal is to allow for change, experimentation and growth. Controlled chaos.


A personal note from Andrew

Hello Friends. I’m proud to announce that Metanoia, Pt. I is now available everywhere. This is the first of 7 EPs which will be released once a month from now until December. You can listen to it here:

Apple Music:
Google Play:

I’m also doing a new thing, it’s a “Fan Club”. Basically members get everything I make early, and my entire back catalog (plus a few other perks). The second EP Metanoia, Pt. II is now available exclusively for Fan Club members:

I also wanted to say a special thanks to everybody for all your love and support. I’ve noticed a lot of people sharing my music with their friends on various social media outlets. As a fully independent artist this reallllllly helps me. So thank you, I appreciate it! – Andrew

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