Dead Serious A Seriously Thrilling Mystery

“What If I Don’t Want To Stop The Game?”

New Vintage Theatre is pleased to present Canadian Doug Greenall’s popular 1980’s murder mystery Dead Serious at Creekside Theatre this October, just in time to celebrate Hallowe’en.


Dead Serious is the chilling story of an unusual family who run a lakeside retreat, The Blackfly Lodge,that becomes the epicentre of an unsolved murder. Eve, the proprietor and matriarch of the family is a recovering drug addict who has turned to an extreme religion for solace and taken the leader, Ted, a quick tempered leader of the local chapter, into her home and bedroom. Her two young adult children Tracey and Seymour are equally suspicious-it seems that they have played something they call “The Game” since childhood. Add in staff members Grant and Ralph, both young handsome men who have secret crushes on Tracey and you have the making of a great who dun it jump in your seat worthy as some of the best murder mysteries around.


Dead Serious was first read aloud by a womens’ play-reading group run by actress Sue Astley. When they ran short of new scripts by female authors, they read mine. Lucky me. A few Artistic directors from various Vancouver theatre companies were present at the reading. When Bill Millerd of the Arts Club Theatre saw that others seemed to like it, he optioned it at once.” says Playwright Doug Greenall when asked about how the popular play first got produced.

The Arts Club opened Dead Serious at their Seymour Street Stage on November 15, 1989. It was a critical and commercial success, playing extended runs on all three Arts Club stages, and doing two national tours. The first year that the Arts Club Theatre did not hold exclusive rights, Dead Serious became the most produced professional play in Canada.


“And thanks to Bonnie Gratz and the New Vintage Theatre, it ain’t dead yet.” remarks Greenall from his Vancouver home where today he largely works on novels and screenplays.

Starring Bailey Strand, Adam Weaver, Leah McMullen, Doug Brown, Peter MacLeod and James Szabo, this killer cast is directed by local favorite actress Ashley Plomp in her directorial debut. Featuring an incredible two story authentic lake house set and compelling performances by a dynamic cast –Dead Serious is a play with a short run that is not to be missed. Mark your calendars and see it while you can.


New Vintage Theatre is pleased to present Greenall’s play at Creekside Theatre on October 23, 24, 29 & 30 at 7pm with a Scary High School Matinee on October 27 at 1pm. Tickets are $25 or $20 for a group of 4 and available by calling Creekside Theatre at 250-766-9309.

Actors Featured in These Shots
Bailey Strand as Tracey
Peter MacLeod as Grant Doug Brown as Ted
Adam Weaver as Seymour-Photo #3
Bailey Strand as Tracey
Leah McMullen as Eve
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