Ponderosa Festival – Rock Creek Area Fire Safety Update

Dear Ponderosa Lovers.
As many of you may already be aware, a wildfire has started in the Rock Creek area.

Crews have acted quickly and are working around the clock to keep people safe and to contain the
fire. We are watching this situation very closely and are in discussion with local authorities and people on the ground to get the latest updates on the fire.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Rock Creek and the surrounding communities during this tough time. Let’s all focus on their wellbeing.

Safety is always our top priority. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest information.

At this point it is too soon to speculate what the situation will look like for next weekend, however we can confirm that the festival site has not been affected by the forest fire. The fire is currently reported as traveling to the north, away from the Town of Rock Creek. Please stay patient as we await more detailed information.

Rock Creek and its beautiful, unique community is the reason we put on the Ponderosa Festival. If it wasn’t for the love and support we receive from the people of the community, then we wouldn’t be where we are today. Let’s make sure to send that love and support back to the community now when it is needed most.

Again, the most updated information regarding Ponderosa will be made available through our website and our social media outlets.

Kris & Kia





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