A World Without Orphans

Join us for a screening of short documentary “A World Without Orphans” hosted by Hope for the Nations with Producer Brittany DeVries, at Third Space Coffee, Tuesday July 28 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

The evening will include screening of “A World Without Orphans”, discussion of the role of social media and film in social change, and a update on the status of children-at-risk in Latin America, followed by a Q&A period. Coffee and drinks are available for purchase.


“A World Without Orphans” is a documentary discussion about the role of the global church in creating a “world without orphans.”

Interviewees include Dr. Charles Nelson known for his Bucharest Early Intervention Study which studied the effects of institutionalization on the brain of young children, Gennadiy Mokhnenko known for documentary “Crocodile Gennadiy” premiering at Tribeca earlier this year, and Jedd Medefind the president of the Christian Alliance For Orphans. Countries represented include India, Kenya, Uganda, China, U.K. Costa Rica and more.

Brittany DeVries is a creative producer, advocate and foster mom living in Panama City, Panama with her husband and four children. Their family is the first foster family in Panama’s nationwide pilot foster program. Brittany is also Hope for the Nations Area Director for Panama.

Her award-winning short documentary, “Dear Panama,” produced in 2012 was instrumental in lobbying for new legislation in Panama relating to foster care and adoption. In addition to her documentary projects, Brittany DeVries is producing first narrative feature Archivo Pendiente/Pending File to be filmed in the Dominican Republic and Panama early 2016.


For more information about our screening you can go to our facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1011257555574618/

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