PUTTIN’ ON THE FOIL – Coming to Kelowna

May 24 – Fernando’s – Kelowna, BC ~ 9pm

Calgary is home to three of the most important Hillbilly’s you will ever need to know — Puttin’ On The Foil. They plan to make you a part of their singin-a-long, drinkin’, good time trainwreck with their electrifying, kickass punk’n roll music.

Since 2011 these small town renegades have been touring the hell out of any weekend that comes their way. In 2014 the band played over 130 shows across Canada. The band’s name is an homage to the film ‘Slapshot’ where the Hanson Brother put foil on their fists to do more damage during fights in the hockey themed movie. Puttin’ On The Foil plans to do the same with their upcoming sophomore release, ‘Fired Up, Ready To Roll’, slated to be released on May 12, 2015.

The band is a three piece consisting of Trayne Rekk on Bass/Vocals/Stupidity, TimTim plucking Guitar/Vocals and Jordan Stubbs on Drums. Rarely sober the band’s infectious music invites even the most conservative wall flower to act stupid. One would expect the band to have influences like KISS, SLAYER, and Iron Maiden, but Trayne blames Hank Willams Jr. for much of his blue collar topics.

Puttin’On The Foil’s signature sound starts with Hank Williams, toss in some Ramones, thickened with Motorhead, and a dash of Nashville Pussy gives it that good time feel. Fans can be sure to understand the bands incredibly love of a good time from their music and live shows. Be sure to catch this three man circus on tour in 2015.

“Shirtless dude in overalls? Check. Long-haired fella in a Canadian Tuxedo? Check.  Bottles and blunts? Ok we are ready. Puttin’ on the Foil are Calgary’s premier hillbilly punk act…” – Calgary Is Awesome

“Puttin’ on the Foil’s signature mix of good time country vibes and punk rock intensity make their shows feel more like a Stampede after-party.” – Calgary Journal



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