Kenny vs Spenny vs Kelowna

KeyNote Productions and Train Wreck Comedy have teamed-up once again to bring Kelowna another great live comedy show. This time it’s two best friends and big rivals who will be coming to the Kelowna Community Theatre. Kenny vs. Spenny will be live in Kelowna for one night only in a live head to head competition to see who will be crowned champion and who will be forced to face major public humiliation.
Kenneth “Kenny” Joel Hotz and Spencer “Spenny” Nolan Rice are lifelong friends, who challenged each other in various ways for years before they decided to film structured competitions and introduce consequences for losing. Kenny and Spenny have contrasting personalities, which have an impact on the way they approach each competition.
Kenny: A witty, wise-cracker and brilliant schemer. Kenny’s a goofball looking for a shortcut. He loves to humiliate Spenny and will do anything to win.
Spenny: A stressed out, neurotic, short-fused adult-type who believes in preparation and hard work. He’s responsible, often angry, introspective, paranoid and ethical.
Just like the television show, the live event will feature challenges that are ridiculous, immature and totally intense. It can only end with one winner. The winner of the competition will assign a “humiliation”, a very embarrassing task that the loser must perform.
KeyNote Productions in association with Train Wreck Comedy are proud to present Kenny vs. Spenny at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Saturday July 11th at 8:00pm.
Special pre-sale tickets are available now with general ticket sales starting on Friday May 8th at 10:00am. Tickets are available through, in person at the Prospera Place box office or by phone at 250-760-5050
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