The Art of Printmaking

“The sole idea behind organizing the Okanagan Print Triennial juried printmaking exhibition with international participation was to establish a tradition of bringing the best of contemporary printmaking to audiences in our region. “

-Lubos Culen, VPAG Curator


The Art of Printmaking – Lithography

Who: Vernon Public Art Gallery
What: Jurors’ Tour of an International Printmaking Exhibition (OPT)
When: Saturday, May 2, at 1:00 p.m.
Where: 3228 31st Ave Vernon BC- at the Vernon Public Art Gallery (main gallery)

Lithography is a printmaking technique that takes advantage of the repulsion between oil-based ink and water to transfer an image from a smooth limestone surface to a sheet of paper.  The image is developed by a chemical reaction after lines are drawn by a greasy lithographic crayon (or areas might be covered by the oil-based ink).  After the oil-based image is put on the surface, a solution of gum Arabic and acid is applied, the gum sticking only to the non-oily surface.  During printing, water adheres to the gum Arabic surfaces and avoids the oily parts, while the oily ink used for printing is deposited only on the surfaces of the stone that contains the drawing.

“Printmakers are innovators. The world of the contemporary print is one steeped both in tradition and cutting edge innovation. That is the legacy of printmaking. More than any other set of media, printmaking has evolved, adapted and adopted many of the latest ideological, material and process developments of its time. At the same time it maintains a substantive grounding in its origins and traditions.”

-Briar Craig, Associate  Professor of Printmaking, UBC Okanagan

Join us at the gallery for a presentation on printmaking and a tour of Okanagan Print Triennial, led by VPAG Curator, Lubos Culen, and UBCO Associate Professor of Printmaking, Briar Craig. Enjoy a presentation covering traditional and contemporary methods of printmaking, question and answer session, and a guided exhibition tour of OPT. Cookies, coffee and tea will be served compliments of the gallery. Call 250-545-3173 to pre-register or email, space is limited.

OPT 2015: Kalli Kalde, Estonia, Cosmic Maze II, 2014, Lithography


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