“There are secrets to creating fabulous fiction, whether you are writing a short story or novel,” says award-winning author Dona Sturmanis who is a finalist in the Okanagan Arts Awards Literary Category. “In this workshop, we’re going to unlock some of the best techniques and tricks to write an attention-grabbing story.”
Taught by Dona Sturmanis, Fabulous Fiction Tips is a seminar for new and experienced writers of short stories and novels who want useful tips on how to refresh their fiction. The workshop takes place March 28, Saturday, 11am to 3pm in the small meeting room on the second floor of the downtown Kelowna library. The cost is $55.
The workshop is part of the winter-spring series put on by Curious Beyond Words School of Writing. Check curiousbeyondwords.com for this and more courses.
“Writing fiction, in short story or novel form, is hard work,” says Sturmanis. “The key is to write your story in a way that totally engages your reader. This workshop is about how to effectively do that.”
In Fabulous Fiction Tips, you’ll learn:
+how to let the story tell itself
+methods to set up an effective plot with conflict and resolution
+ways to create realistic characters and dialogue
+how to keep pushing forward until you are finished
You’ll also learn about whether or not to use outlines, the importance of tone, setting and style, effective beginnings and endings, and much, much more.
Dona Sturmanis, founder of Curious Beyond Words School of Writing, is a Kelowna-based author. She has written many short stories that have been published in literary journals and anthologies and won awards for her fiction including placing first and second in the Okanagan College Short Story Competition.
For more information or to register, please call Dona Sturmanis at 778-214-6318 or email her at donasturmanis@yahoo.com. Please bring a 500 word sample of something you have written if you have it  so we may share and critique it at the end of the workshop.
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