The Irish Rovers 50th Anniversary coming to YOU

The Irish Rovers, clockwise from l: Geoffrey Kelly, Wilcil McDowell, Fred Graham, George Millar, Morris Crum, Ian Millar, Sean O’Driscoll. Missing is fiddler, Gerry O’Connor. Please credit photographer: H. Burgess


Thursday March 5th – Kelowna Community Theatre 7:30pm

Tickets: or call 250 762 5050

Saturday March 7th – Cleland Community Theatre, Penticton, 7:30pm

Tickets: Purchase at the Community Centre or call 250-490-2426

Monday March 9th – Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre, 7:30pm

Tickets: or call 250 549 7469

“These international ambassadors of Irish music have maintained their timeless ability to deliver a rollicking, rousing performance of good cheer. Their songs have become anthems of revelry and joy among generation after generation of fans.” BELFAST TELEGRAPH

Icons of Irish music, THE IRISH ROVERS return to Canada in 2015 to celebrate their 50 years of music, in the midst of their final World Tour. Fresh off the boat from New Zealand where they just completed their Farewell Tour to rave reviews, they now announce the 2015 Canadian Tour which begins in Western Canada in February and March – they’ll also begin filming for their final DVD, LIVE on St. Patrick’s Day. The second part of the DVD will be filmed at  Lismore Castle in Ireland where they’ll hold a 4 day music session.  Order the Guinness!

As the lads sail through their Big Five Oh, concert-goers can expect the Release of “The Irish Rovers, 50 Years” triple CD set, available at concerts. This 3 CD pack is a tribute to the 50 years of music that The Irish Rovers have produced. This includes their chart-toppers and significant songs from throughtout their career, plus 22 new recordings. Different members have passed through our ranks over the years and all will be represented in this anthology.

The twenty-eight page booklet which accompanies this CD pack contains a history of The Irish Rovers with photos from throughtout the years. For additional details of the band, you can also refer to the cover artwork. The piece, called “The Life of the Rover” contains nearly 40 references to the band’s history was commissioned by The Irish Rovers. Hamish Douglas Burgess, the  Celtic artist, created it in the style of the Book of Kells.

With a career spanning 50 years and three generations of music lovers, THE IRISH ROVERS are giving fans one final chance to say goodbye before they call time on their demanding tour schedules – ironically at a time when they’re getting some of the best reviews of their career.

“There’s no getting away from the quality of the Miller cousin’s vocals, vintage Irish balladeers from Ballymena with calculated wit and whimsy and a brogue to win the ladies hearts-and more grey hair than you could shake a shillelagh at.” Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

Sold out in Tallahassee – All the years of touring and playing haven’t eroded the band’s ferocious chops. Those musicians are so tight. They’re virtuosos!” Tallahassee Democrat

“Sold out in Orange County – When the band was jamming through traditional Irish sets you could close your eyes and imagine yourself at a ceili in a pub on the shamrock shore with a pint and a rockingtight house band of the lads.” Orange County Register

“Sold out in San Luis – Impossible to sit still as they play song after merry song off the pages of Ireland’s historic songbook. What an unforgettable experience! The Irish Rovers excite even the most discerning audience member into having a rip-roaring good time.” Foundation for the Performing Arts

“I was just 16 when this all started and I have to say, it’s been a mighty journey. When this last big tour is done, we’ll finally be available for special events and festivals that we were unable to do because of our heavy touring schedule.” says Rover, George Millar. Since they last played here, the band has been working on what they call their ultimate music project. The Irish Rovers, 50 Years is a three CD set with original recordings from throughout the years, plus 20 new recordings and a 28 page booklet with photos that tells the history of the band. This triple CD collectors pack has been selling out on tour internationally, confirming their music continues to hit a chord with fans of all ages.


After more than twenty-five years since their last television series, (they had three which spanned over 20 years) the band also returned to the small screen with two television specials/DVDs in the last few years. One was filmed entirely in Ireland and the other in the mountains and pubs of Banff National Park, Canada: Home In Ireland and Irish Rovers Christmas.

It has been a long and magical journey for these Irish lads, and the magic continues. Due to YouTube, their Drunken Sailor song reached a new young audience, with over 10,000,000 hits. In 2012, Rovers songwriter/producer George Millar responded by heading back to the studio and recording a new CD full of songs of the sea, including a tribute to The Titanic for its 100th anniversary. The release made headlines in both America and Ireland, and was the soundtrack for a Canadian documentary about the Harland and Wolff shipyards of Belfast where the mighty ship was built.

“This makes it 50 years of the big tours.” says Rover, George Millar, “As you get older and you’re in a different bed every night, your poor old back is screaming at you. But God, no. I’m never retiring. After the world tour is over we’ll still be recording, and performing at festivals, special events and short trips here and there. Better to leave those big tours to the young lads!”

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