I AM ART – Artist Collective

oook is proud to present I AM ART – Artist Collective


Bethany Petch, a local musician, who has deep roots in the community and a musical family, has come through a journey of doubt, questioning and wondering of value as an artist and person.  An honest journey that we all face, but so often don’t take the courage to step out in the face of our fears and share something that we’ve been given as a gift to share.

I AM ART is an artist collective of people, willing to be art.  Willing to be bold and take the stage with courage.  To share who they are with the world.


I’ll let Bethany, in her own words (from her FB event page), share what the night is all about.

Over the past few years, there has been one thing I have had to learn over, and over, and over, until it finally stuck (well… most days). I began to believe that I am talented, creative, beautiful, and moreover, that I actually have value worth sharing with the world. Now all that I want to see is a generation of people who, after searching out who they really are, have the courage to share who they are with the world.

Just one of the ways that we can express who we are is through art. Writing, painting, and creating are one important step for an artist, but to actually put yourself out there, on display, to be judged and critiqued on something that represents a piece of who you are, is one of the most daunting, and most exhilarating things we do.

As I have been learning to be more bold myself, and put myself and my art out there more, I also long to see other artists do the same. That’s why I asked each of these artists too come and be a part of a night where we get to share a piece of who we are with you. My desire, is that we will also, in result, be able to inspire you to boldly share who you are with the world, in whatever way that looks like for you.

So, we would love if you would join us in a night of art, and sharing our hearts, in the beautiful, and cozy heART school! (How perfect is that?!)


If you would like to join Bethany and her artist collective this Saturday, you can purchase tickets on a special page we’ve made for her, and let her know you’re coming by signing up at the facebook page.

Tickets are $10 if you prepay or $15 at the door.

Date & Time: Saturday Feb 28, 8:00-10:00pm (doors open at 7:30)

Location: 1546 Pandosy street

For questions or more inquiries, contact jason@oook.ca.

See you on Saturday.


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