New Vintage Soap Opera Comes To TV

New Vintage Theatre Company’s Soap Opera is moving from the stage to the screen. The wildly popular stage show has now been picked up as a television show called As The Sun Burns that will air on Monday afternoons starting in January 2015 on SHAW TV.

New Vintage Theatre has been performing a parody improvised soap opera since July 2014. While the improvised art form is definitely not a unique innovation to Kelowna-you can find an improvised soap in most major cities in North America- Kelowna will be one of the first cities, if not the first, to have the show move to the small screen and have its own web series.

New Vintage Theatre’s live on stage soap opera is improvised. The team meets once in advance to determine major plot points and then on show day just one hour prior to our show. The result is “a terrifying, unscripted adrenalin rush for the performer and very, very funny experience for the audience. All actors have to do training in improvisation in our classes so they know how to manage the crazy unexpected nature of this theatre form. We have been having great crowds come out to our monthly shows, held at The Black Box Theatre, which are a mix party, cabaret and comedy show with draws and other surprises,” says Bonnie Gratz, Artistic Director of New Vintage.

As The Sun Burns series is different, though because it is a highly rehearsed, scripted version of the scenes that come out of the live show- all filmed in a simple studio set.

“In November I got a message from a young intern from SHAW TV asking if I would be interested in writing and producing a show for him to work on. Stretched already with an extremely busy schedule I suggested turning our existing soap opera into a television series. This request turned into a small meeting, larger proposal and-boom!-before Christmas we have already had two shoots at the SHAW Studio with a fantastic team of professionals as well as interns who are learning the craft.”, says Gratz who writes, directs and acts in the series along with 15 other local actors ranging in age from 13-50. Other featured performers include: Joe Welton, Ashley Plomp, Cory Armour, Geoff Millar, Vicki Den Ouden, Joe Otoo, Gloria Helfrick, Brock Gratz, Sheila Campbell, Dana Murphy, Joelle Neufeld, Roberto Molano, James Szabo, Kaitlyn Anutooshkin and Reid Gratz. Upcoming soap operas will have special guests including SHAW As The Sun Burns producer Tamie Williams and local jazz singer Anna Jacyszyn.

While As The Sun Burns deliberately doesn’t have the grandeur and cache of soaps of old (one table, two chairs & curtains), it is tremendously exciting for Kelowna to have its own televised soap opera, featuring local actors, locations and plot lines. It is designed to be pure cheese and is very silly; and like every art form they hope you tune in as they fine tune their skills. Maybe they may even launch the careers of a new breed of soap stars.

As The Sun Burns airs SHAW TV on Monday afternoons starting in January 2015 and episodes will also be posted online.

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