The Secret Garden

Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre Company will explore the field of mystery in its second ‘Theatre for Young Adult’ production which will be presented in mid September. A full cast of performers led by Mackenzie Denis will bring Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic story of ‘The Secret Garden’ to life on the Bumbershoot stage.

Denis will portray Mary Lennox, a young orphan who is sent to her uncle Archibald Craven’s (Ray Mordan) grim Misselthwaite Manor on the Yorkshire moors. The desolation, the puzzling reticence of the servants and the grim demeanor of her uncle confront the spoiled, friendless child. Mary’s explorations lead to a secret unkempt walled garden which she begins to tend.

Inside the manor another secret lurks as strange, haunting sounds echo down the empty corridors – is it the wind howling or a child crying? All of Mary’s courage and determination are needed to solve the mystery.
Supporting Denis and Mordan is a full cast of characters played by Deb Nicholson, Henri Fournier, Angela Lavender, Konar Sanderson, Tristan Borroughs, Paul Henry and Jennifer Bresciani.

‘The Secret Garden’ will run from Thursday through Saturday evenings at 6.30pm and Saturday matinees at 2pm from September 18 – 21 and 25 – 28 at Bumbershoot Theatre, #125, 1295 Cannery Lane..  There will also be Sunday afternoon matinees at 2pm on September 21 and 28. Tickets are available at the Bumbershoot Box Office at the theatre or by calling 778-478-0142.

The familiar post-Victorian novel was adapted for the stage by Thomas Olson who was credited with making the point that love can erase the darkest experiences and memories. The musical score was composed by Hiram Titus.

The 2014 Bumbershoot productions are complemented by a Passport Program which offers children special pre and post show activities that they can bring to each production, inspired by the theme: ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go…’.
Bumbershoot, which was launched in 2009, is a non-profit registered charitable theatre company dedicated to introducing Okanagan youth and children to the magic of the theatre.

In addition to its live theatre performances the children’s theatre company also offers a full selection of drama workshops and classes. Another activity is its residency program, which is done in conjunction with participating Okanagan schools. The residency offers a week-long in-school program which immerses students in a drama workshop as part of the school’s curriculum. After gaining first hand drama knowledge and experience the students host a performance for parents with the proceeds going to the school. 

Full details on Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre is available on their website,



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