Lake Country Art Gallery Trivia Night is coming up!

On Thursday, Sept 25th, the Lake Country Art Gallery will be offering the third installment of its popular pub-styled Trivia Nights. The last Trivia Night, offered stiff competition and a packed house.

“I have a lot of fun coming up with the trivia questions,” says Lake Country Art Gallery Curator and Trivia master Katie Brennan. “The questions from the last session drew on art, culture and more. There were questions about art, colour, Kanye West, the Olympics, plus questions about the exhibition that was on at the time”.

Local artist Wanda Lock, who was part of the winning team at the first Trivia Night, and third in the last one, explained her experience this way: “I forgot how much I actually know about trivia and art. It doesn’t enter your everyday life. It was nice to feel so smart. Finally people are talking about something I know I about.”

There was also a strong showing from the local media, print and radio, who had gathered to form their own team. The team was incredibly vociferous and energetic and put on a good showing, but were unable to take the prize. “We’ve turned the humiliation of losing into a joke around the office so it’s all good!” commented Teresa Huscroft-Brown, with the Lake Country Calendar. “We all had a blast!”

There was even a showing from local Lake Country Councilor Jamie McEwan, who is also a member of the Okanagan Young Professionals. “Trivia night at the Lake Country Art Gallery was an absolute blast! I brought a group of friends, and met some great people from the local arts community and beyond. I’m looking forward to attending many more!”

Attendees will also have the pleasure of taking in the current exhibition – “A Step Forward – An Artwalk Theme Exhibition”. So if you missed Artwalk this year, this is a great opportunity to take in artwork by the artists who were involved this year. 

This installment is co-presented by the Okanagan Young Professionals, who will also be submitting some of the questions. The Lake Country Art Gallery Trivia Night runs on Thursday, Sept 25th from 7 – 9pm. Tickets for this event are available at the door. Tickets are $10 per person – includes a cash bar and prizes.


Trivia Night – co-presented by the Lake Country Art Gallery and the Okanagan Young Professionals. Thursday, Sept 25th from 7 – 9pm. $10 / person. Visit for details. 

Signature Workshop: Paint what you see with Jerry Markham – Sept 27th & 28th. Contact the gallery to register.

Under 100 Info Session – Wednesday, Oct 1st, 2014 at 6pm. This event is free and open to the public. 

Under 100 Submission Deadline: Midnight on October 3rd – visit for full details

“A Step Forward – an Artwalk Theme Exhibition” runs from Sept 6th to Oct 3rd. This exhibition is free and open to the public. Visit for details.


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