Vernon Public Art Gallery Exhibitions Close Due to Downtown Flood

Where: Vernon Public Art Gallery, 3228 31st Ave. Vernon BC, V1T 2H3, 250-545-3173
When: Ongoing
Why: Water Main Burst in Front of Gallery
Who: Vernon Public Art Gallery

The Vernon Public Art Gallery has removed all the artwork from the walls, cancelled all events and programming, and packed up the merchandise in the Gallery Shop while cleanup crews repair the walls in the worst water damage the Gallery has experienced.

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Curator Lubos Culen received a call at 4:15 am on Thursday, December 5th from the City of Vernon that the Gallery was affected by the flood that stemmed from a water line break on 31st Avenue.

“The water seeped in through the front entrance and emergency exit doors and made its way in every room in the Gallery. What makes matters even worse is that the water is considered dirty because it washed in elements from the street; silt, salt, and who knows what else from beneath the surface. That is why the required cleanup is so extensive.” said Dauna Kennedy Grant, Executive Director.

The worst damage occurred at the front of the building, where the drywall and insulation has been removed to ensure there will be no moisture left behind, which could create mold issues if not dealt with. Fans have been blowing for days and regular activity at the Gallery has come to a grinding halt. Ironic considering VPAG Director Dauna Kennedy Grant was meeting that very morning with Greater Vernon Services to discuss the next step in heading to a referendum for a new art gallery facility for Vernon.

“The good news is no artwork was damaged as a result of the flood. The exhibitions have now been securely stored while the flood restoration takes place. Admin and the gift shop will continue to be open at a temporary location while staff looks ahead and plan for the New Year with upcoming exhibitions and programming in 2014. We have a resilient staff at the gallery, they have tackled multiple leaks along with no heat this winter, and now they are working hard to get through this too”. said Dauna Kennedy Grant, Executive Director.

The Gallery is currently closed to the public until further notice.

Images: Vernon Public Art Gallery, Thursday, December 5, 2013

For more information about the Vernon Public Art Gallery contact: 250-545-3173, @VernonAGallery


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