World Kindness Day

Today, Nov 13, was World Kindness Day.  A few of us, along with some suggestions from you and help from other friends went around today and did some random acts of kindness.

Here is the video for some of the things we did.

Hope you had a kind day today!!

And a big shout out to Brittney of for sharing the idea


** UPDATE **

Here is an update from Bradley, the Starbucks barista in the video.

“So the kindness train lasted for 22 cars and only ended because we got through the line, but The last girl left $6 for the next person which was more then she would have had to pay for her own drink. I am a somewhat new to the job, almost 2 months, but that was the longest I have seen it go for while I was working. The highlight of the pass it forward was the 18th car in line. Her name is Mel and is the owner of Creme hair & makeup lounge, which I have been going to get my hair cut for the past 3 or so years. Though she only ordered 1 latte she decided to pay for the person behind her who ordered 7 lattes, which came to around $31! Needless to say the car behind her was floored that she would go to such lengths for someone she didn’t even know. After talking to Mel later about it, to make sure she didn’t feel pressured by me to do it since I know her, she told me there was more to the story. Mel talked to a friend of hers about it who connected the dots and actually knew the lady she bought the drinks for. The lady in car 19, sorry I don’t know her name, passed along that she donated $40 to the SPCA, which is Mel’s favorite organization because of her kind deed! I am amazed and over the moon about how far it went all starting from such a small gesture! Thanks so much for coming through and starting it. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

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