Music you Missed

Music you Missed

Life’s busy. We all have our areas that we focus on. This summer I had the gift of catching over 200 bands perform, buskers busk, and various creatives from our community create. My hope with this column today is that I get to share with you some of the best music that you missed this summer. So without further ado lets get started:

Tiger Moon
I met them when they came into my office as buskers. They were humble, authentic, and all of our staff fell in love with their sound, style, and happy nature. You maybe saw them this summer along with our other 85 buskers we had in Kelowna. They were a diamond in the rough so nice work if you were lucky enough to see them live.
After a lot of persuasion they recently released an EP. They are unfortunately on the road now for the next 6 months to a year but check them out and if you like acoustic, folk, with some beautiful harmonies check them out.

Here’s their brand new EP:

Full disclosure I footed the bill for this recording as it was almost a sin that they were about to hit the road for 6 months without anything recorded. Take a listen and I’m sure you’ll see why it just simply had to happen.

Here is my interview I shot with them last week in our cities beautiful Kasugai Gardens before they hit the road on tour:

The Trips:
There was a strong bluegrass feel to this summer and a lot of reason for that was The Trips. Formed by some of our top musical talents in town The Trips have strong vocals, great covers, and always put a bluegrass twist on everything. They are performing next this Sunday at the free Scarecrow Festival in Rutland. That event starts at noon on Sunday and will have a ton of free kids activities, music, and clowns.
Here is a sample from their Parks Alive! show in Glenmore:

Sing-Along Fridays (Public House Band)
(PHB Pic)
We did a story on these guys last year as they were the house band for Sing Along Saturdays at the now defunct P&Q pub. They are restarting the Sing-Along show this Friday at the Turtle Bay Pub (which is the show I will be catching this Friday). Andrew Smith started this band last year as a way to bring that “sing-along” culture that exists in pubs around the world but seems to be lacking a bit in our region. If your ready to sing along to some great songs you know check them out. Here is a simple video from their performance that kicked of the successful Music in the Park series in West Kelowna.

Its not every year that we get to feature one of our most successful exports but on Aug 28th over 4000 folks turned out to catch the 30th anniversary show by Grapes of Wrath. I was working that night and I can tell you that not only did the crowd love the show but the band was genuinely blown away by the support that their home town had provided them.
Here is my personal favorite song of theirs:

JP Maurice played a ton of shows in Kelowna this summer, from Keloha to Parks Alive to various pubs and clubs. At one point he was signed to David Fosters label and he produces some great music. Here is his latest video for his song “The Other One”

Warning: its rather full of mud and people making out in the mud!

Ok so this article is already long enough and there is still so many acts that I still want to let you know about!!
Its pretty much a sin that I don’t yet have a My Kind of Karma video to share with you yet! (I’ll work on fixing that during their set at the Scarecrow Festival this Sunday).
So here is my promise to you: please consider this part one and I’ll share tons more great new bands and videos as we move forward into the fall music season.

Talented Kelowna is up and running and although we’ve caught some great acts I know that there are more acts out there that haven’t yet auditioned for the staggering $8000 in cash/prizes. The next round of auditions are this Saturday. If you want to perform simply show up at Freddy’s BrewPub at 7:30pm this Saturday to register. See you there.

Lastly though I wanted to share with you my first single in over 3 years (oh right I started out as a musician). I’ll be doing a show on November 7th at KCT with over a dozen other great acts but more on that later. Here is my new song “Get up and Go”.

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