French Book Fair in Kelowna




October 20th & 21st 2013 at CCFO (702 Bernard Avenue)

Choose the right book with our Resource specialist. Get ready for Christmas and stock up!!
Louis Anctil, French Resources Specialist will be on hand to help you choose the right book.

Sunday October 20th, 3pm-8pm – CCFO, 702 Bernard Avenue
Monday October 21st, 10am-8pm – CCFO, 702 Bernard Avenue


  • Sunday, Oct. 20, at 4pm: Story Time in French, for 3 years old and up. – FREE EVENT
  • Sunday, Oct. 20, at 5pm: Bilingual presentation of the collective work “Quel serait l’avenir de l’humanité si …”  by author Carmen Froment. – FREE EVENT
  • Sunday, Oct. 20, at 6:30pm: – A workshop about language development in bilingual children by Annie Bourret, post-graduate trained linguist and author.  $5, space limited, registration recommended 250.860.4074
  • Monday, Oct. 21,  at 6:30pm: “Expressions idiomatiques françaises”, bilingual presentation by professeur Edmond Rivère. – FREE EVENT

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Sunday at 5pm: “Quel serait l’avenir de l’humanité si… (What would be the future of Humanity if…)” by the author Carmen Froment

Carmen can answer your questions, discuss various issues presented in the book and autographed copy of the book. In this book, the authors discuss many topics such as education, politics, the economy, the role of women, art, etc. Topics that affect all of us to one degree or another regardless of the environment in which we operate. These topics are presented in the light of Sages and Initiates who are inspired by the universal wisdom.

Sunday at 6:30pm: ” Language development in bilingual children” by the author and trained linguist Annie Bourret

Annie Bourret will present an outline of bilingual language development and will answer your questions. Should I expose my child to two languages from birth? Is it normal that my young child “mixes” French and English? I don’t speak French. How can I help my child to learn French? (Yes, you can!)

Monday October 21 at 6:30 « Les expressions idiomatiques françaises (French Idioms) » presented by professeur Edmond Rivère :

«J’ai la boule à zéro. » The time has come to update the wealth of current common idiomatic expressions! Edmond Rivère is so passionate about these expressions, that he has just spent 2 years interviewing French people from all walks of life to discover the modern-day idioms.  Join him on his discovery of the figurative language, sometimes with comical expressions, sometimes with serious undertones.


Nicole Leblanc
Adjointe de direction / Executive Assistant
702, avenue Bernard, Kelowna, C.-B. V1Y 6P5
T. 250.860.4074  F. 250.861.4013

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