The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present Thank You for Sharing, a collection of paper-collage collaborations between Jeff Ellom and Lucas Glenn Co. The collages, mimicking the layouts of popular websites, are made up of found images and text. The six most visited content-driven websites, with Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia among them, will be presented as collages ripped straight from everyday paper products. On display from September 27 to October 4, Thank you for Sharing hopes to highlight complex networks of borrowed, shared, and remixed content by bringing it to life on the Alternator’s walls. Please join us on the 28th at 7pm for an opening reception.

Jeff Ellom is a Kelowna-based collage artist. Mainly using 1970’s National Geographic magazines, and simple glue and scissors, he creates colourful paper collages. His work has been used for event posters around Kelowna and as an album cover for Fields Of Green’s latest record. You can find his work and contact info at www.jeffellom.tumblr.com.

Lucas Glenn Co. is an art company that draws from found print and objects. An unavoidable irony of this appropriation is that the company doesn’t produce; it instead rearranges and recycles. Collage and assemblage, with emphasis on text, are common company practice. Lucas Glenn Co. is currently represented by M gallery | book, and has exhibited throughout BC. His work is viewable online at www.lucasglenn.co

In addition to the exhibition, and as a part of Culture Days, Jeff Ellom and Lucas Glenn will host a collage table outside of the Rotary Centre for the Arts on Saturday the 28th between 11:30am and 3pm.  Participants and passers-by are invited to use provided cardstock templates as frames for their collage creations. Templates, books, magazines, newspapers, glue sticks, scissors, tape and a paper cutter will all be available for use.

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre located in Kelowna at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue. The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is a registered non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the development of the creative community. Since 1989, the Alternator has shown the work of emerging Canadian artists, focused on innovative and non-traditional mediums engaged in social and cultural issues.

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