Aaron Ord – The Teenager Building a Harp


I know the thought of anyone playing a harp seems like it should left to Medieval times and satirical Monty Python films, but 16 year old Aaron Ord has taken it upon himself, to not only play the harp, but build one.

Aaron is a student at the Kelowna Community School of Music where he studies under Caroline Mackay. Caroline’s husband Daniel offered Aaron an opportunity to build a harp and since the love of music, design and building things runs deep in his veins, he jumped all over it. And really? What 16 year old wouldn’t want to build a harp?

Right now Aaron has been fundraising to gain the materials to build his harp. He is in the last few hours before the crowdfunded project closes down.

If you want to donate to his help him build his harp, please jump over to RocketHub and find out more about his project and what he needs to make it happen.

Aaron Ord’s Rocket Hub Project

To find out more about Aaron, you can go to his web site http://www.aaronord.ca or his Rocket Hub Project

Here are some videos you can watch of Aaron playing his harp. (Not the one he’s built – you can help him do that)

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